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"Jeff Kagan became the single most widely quoted analyst in the telecommunications industry" says Dick Martin, Executive Vice President of Public Relations at AT&T (retired) in his book "Tough Calls: AT&T and the Hard Lessons Learned from the Telecom Wars"



"My job is simply to comment on and help spread the news of the industry." Jeff Kagan Analyst

Kagan shares his opinion on What's Hot, What's Not, Why and What's coming Next!

Giving comment to the media for free and charging everyone else.



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Jeff Kagan Agrees to Judge at CTIA Awards Program at Super Mobility Week 2014.

Jeff Kagan is one of the top ten most often quoted tech analysts out of 4,000 in the United States, and in fact in other countries as well. Apollo Research, London

Always makes me feel plugged in when I learn big news from a Jeff Kagan email. #yahoo Yinka Adegoke, Reuters' New York Media Correspondent. May 13 2012

Jeff Kagan is a judge on the Compass Intelligence Awards Selection Panel. Awards will be hosted at the 2014 International CES on January 8, 2014.

 Jeff Kagan was named in The Top 50 VoIP Experts to Follow on Twitter list, according to at

 Jeff Kagan, a well-respected technology industry analyst. Tampa Tribune, Aug 1 2013

Jeff Kagan is Judge at 2013 CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards competition.

According to AdWeek Magazine, Jeff Kagan is one of the most influential technology analysts in the America, and the highest ranked telecom industry analyst, in their Influencers Report.

Jeff Kagan often speaks at Kennesaw State University (KSU), Coles Business School, Kennesaw GA. Ranked 43 among colleges, and 25 among public colleges.

"What man is key to press coverage of the telecommunications industry? What man's disappearance would bring telco reporting to a grinding halt? Never heard of Jeff Kagan? Well, obviously you don't read about the telecom industry. Because if you did, you'd have heard of him, all right."

Meanwhile, the hardest-working telecom commentator in America is still going strong. We marveled at the astounding ubiquity of Jeff Kagan, a telecom industry analyst with a remarkable talent for getting himself quoted in stories about phone companies. Kagan, we wrote, "has that rare and beautiful quality reporters treasure: He returns your call promptly, and he gives you a quotable comment you can drop in your story when you are minutes away from deadline. He's what we like to call the quote-a-matic of telecom reporting."

Jeff Kagan was invited to appear before the FCC and the US Congress offering his opinion on the state of the industry and the various wireless and wire line telecom mergers and the converging marketplace. Kagan was member of the US Speaker of the House of Representatives high tech roundtable. 

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Jeff Kagan is an independent industry analyst. He offers comment to the media and companies on breaking news, announcements, technologies and the changing marketplace. He also writes columns and press releases offering comment, and is an author and speaker. He also works on a consulting basis sharing his opinion on the changing industry.



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Always makes me feel plugged in when I learn big news from a Jeff Kagan email. #yahoo Yinka Adegoke, Reuters' New York Media Correspondent.

"Jeff Kagan, an independent mobile analyst ranked as one of the most influential tech thinkers in the U.S., according to AdWeek." according to Lisa Eadicicco of International Business Times


Jeff Kagan is one of the most frequently quoted analysts commenting on the changing industry




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 Analysis and comment on tech products, services and trends and the changes that are reshaping the industry.

Discussing who's winning, who's losing, why, what's next and what's new.


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How Best Buy Can Make a Comeback


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Jeff Kagan is also a columnist. He writes two columns every week. One for E-Commerce Times. The other for, a Global Financial Community magazine and now web site started in the 1950's.

His columns can easily be found at these sites or on any search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo.



Self-Driving Car Security: No Room for Error

Technology has given us many reasons for awe and inspiration. However, we all need to be alert to the other side of the coin. A little fear and concern around new technologies may be warranted. How will we protect ourselves? Will the protection come from the car manufacturer, or from the information technology provider -- updated through the wireless Internet? Or will it be up to the driver?

By Jeff Kagan

09/25/14 9:56 AM PT

Walk into any store that sells software and you will find antivirus software from companies like Norton, ESET, McAfee and Kaspersky. Over the last few years, the risk has spread from our computers to our smartphones and our tablets. The next thing we will have to protect may be our cars -- and our lives could depend on it.

We used to think the computer was the only device that needed virus protection since it was connected to the Internet. We surfed the Web, exchanged email, and shared attachments with family, friends -- and unfortunately, foes as well, thanks to viruses and other online threats.

Then that risk spread to smartphones like Apple's iPhone, Samsung Galaxy line and others running Google's Android OS. Next it spread even further, to tablets like Apple's iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab and countless other Android devices.

As information technology expands to include smartwatches and other devices and services -- like self- driving cars -- the risk continues to spread.

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Jeff Kagan: Why Masayoshi Son of Softbank wants DreamWorks

By Jeff Kagan

September 29, 2014

Tickers Mentioned: SFTBF  TMUS  S  DWA  AAPL  GOOG

A curious thing seems to be happening. Masayoshi Son, CEO of Softbank ($SFTBF) and majority owner of wireless carrier Sprint ($S), seems to be on a tear to acquire other US companies as well. Why? It sounds like he wants to create a new category in the wireless space, and become a real player in the US in a variety of industries.

Two years ago if you said the name Masayoshi Son, hardly anyone in the USA would have known what you were talking about. Today, the name alone is on everyone’s radar.

Masayoshi Son is quickly building a brand name in the US. We didn’t know this two years ago when we first heard the name, but he has become the wealthiest individual in Japan. So he must be . . .

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Thanks, C Spire - for Leading Mississippi Schools to Tech's Fast Lane

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The Slow but Steady March to the Cloud

Jeff Kagan: Wireless Industry Wave Changing Industry

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The news media has been quoting Jeff Kagan for 25 years in thousands of news stories. 

Kagan is regularly quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times and countless other major national, regional and local newspapers, magazines, television and on the web.

Here are a few of the most recent.


BlackBerry Passport: Why it represents the 'crux' of CEO John Chen's strategy - By Mark Gollom, CBC News

Forget passwords -- the Nymi wristband uses your heartbeat for security - Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Wolverton: New way of making cell calls promises better service - By Troy Wolverton Mercury News Columnist;_ylt=AwrBEiHKLydUulAAw6_QtDMD

Yahoo! Inc.-AOL, Inc. Merger Push Suggests Marissa Mayer's Turnaround 'Isn't Going Well' - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Record Apple iPhone sales fail to wow Wall Street - By Jonathan Berr MoneyWatch

VoLTE Gets Real: But the Number of Devices Supporting It Is Really Limited - By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

BlackBerry Flashes Passport to the Future - By Peter Suciu

Comcast Blasts TWC Merger Foes - By Katherine Noyes

How to whittle down that wireless bill - REUTERS - By Mitch Lipka;_ylt=AwrBJR9g5BpU0iQAI4fQtDMD

Should, Inc. Use RadioShack Corporation To Enter Brick And Mortar? Benzinga By Louis Bedigian;_ylt=AwrBJR9g5BpU0iQAJYfQtDMD

Microsoft 'Doubles Down' On Gaming With 'Minecraft' Purchase - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian;_ylt=AwrBJR9g5BpU0iQAJ4fQtDMD

iPhone 6 Pre-Order Record Points To 'Several Years' Of Ongoing Growth - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Pre-Order Delays Plague iPhone 6 Rollout -  By Dan Heilman / NewsFactor Network

Netflix: the revolution that changed the US TV landscape - AFP

Analysts React To Google Inc-eBay Inc $85 Billion Merger Rumor - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Verizon Plans a la Carte Video Service by Mid-2015 - By Shirley Siluk / NewsFactor Network

Comcast Ad Tinkering Could Muck Up WiFi Security , By Katherine Noyes

Apple Showcases New Products Including New iPhone 6, iWatch And iOS 8

Eleventh-Hour Apple Rumors Churn As Anticipation Builds - By Jennifer LeClaire

Here’s What to Expect From Apple (AAPL) Announcement - ABC NEWS By Richard Davies

740 area code soon to share territory with 220 - By  Tim Feran  The Columbus Dispatch

Sprint Bolsters Cellular Data With New Family Share Pack Plans - By Todd R. Weiss

Google Vs. Amazon: The Drone Wars - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga

What the Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger Could Mean for Your Cable Bill - By Motley Fool;_ylt=AwrTWf0SqwhUvRYAakXQtDMD

Apple's Game Console Could Feature 'Kinect On Steroids' - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Will The iCloud Hacking Controversy Interfere With Apple's iPhone 6 Event? - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Cable companies should be afraid of this trend WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch By Quentin Fottrell

Celebrity nude photos scandal a wake-up call for cloud users COMPUTERWORLD By Sharon Gaudin

NASA launches massive cloud migration - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

California Lays Down the Kill-Switch Law - By Katherine Noyes

Apple To Replace 'Small Percentage' of iPhone 5 Batteries - By Dan Heilman

Google Gets in a Trusted Stores Encryption Tangle - By Richard Adhikari

Lionsgate Could Be Losing Billions To 'Hunger Games' Pirates - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Small businesses seek to take off with the cloud - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Netflix Is Paying Time Warner For Faster Video Delivery, Completing The Big Four ISPs Set - John Hopton for – Your Universe Online

Sprint Launches First Salvo In Price War To Retake Share - TWICE  By: Joseph Palenchar

Sprint slashes shared data plan prices - COMPUTERWORLD By Matt Hamblen

Sprint Could Recover Quickly, Steal Customers Back From T-Mobile - By Craig Galbraith CHANNEL PARTNERS

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Jeff Kagan is weekly tech expert on TrustDaleTV and also appears on TrustDale radio show.

It can be watched in... Atlanta, Saturday at 5pm on CW69  ~  Tampa, Satuday at 12 noon on News 10 WTSP  ~  Dallas - Ft. Worth, Saturday at 12:30pm on 21KTV  ~  Birmingham, Saturday at 2pm on Fox 6 WBRC

TrustDale TV features veteran Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell solving actual consumer problems and helping people make their toughest buying decisions.

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