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Jeff Kagan Quoted in News Stories


Jeff Kagan

 Industry Analyst and Consultant

Wireless Analyst   Telecom Analyst  Industry Analyst  Tech Analyst

The news media has been quoting Jeff Kagan for 25 years in thousands of stories. 

Kagan is regularly quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and countless other major national, regional and local news organizations.

Here is a recent sampling of stories found in newspapers and magazines, television and radio, the web and blogs. There are many more.

These are mostly English articles. There are also countless other articles in other languages. 

Note; each individual story is often run in numerous other newspapers, magazines, TV, Internet and blogs.


"Jeff Kagan became the single most widely quoted analyst in the telecommunications industry"

Dick Martin, Executive Vice President of Public Relations at AT&T (retired) said this in his book "Tough Calls: AT&T and the Hard Lessons Learned from the Telecom Wars"


Here are some of the most recent.


At F8 today, virtual reality may be next phase of social networking - Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD US

Verizon To Deploy 100G US Metro Network - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Network

Verizon bumps up its 100G metro fiber-optic network - By Matt Hamblen COMPUTERWORLD

Telecom Group Takes Net Neutrality Debate to Court - by Chris Burt on Tuesday

New Apple TV 2015 release date rumours: Apple TV 'launching at WWDC 2015 in June' - MACWORLD by Karen Haslam

Google tries to reset Glass embarrassment with cooler wearable - by Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Report: Apple Launching Streaming TV - By Jennifer LeClaire / Sci-Tech Today

BlackBerry's New Samsung Tablet Shows There Are 'Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen' - Benzinga by Louis Bedigian

Artemis Testing Super Fast Alternative to LTE - By Jennifer LeClaire / Sci-Tech Today

Microsoft's Bailed Cyanogen Deal Means 'There's A New Sheriff In Town' - Louis Bedigian , Benzinga Staff Writer

Help! My kids are shopping online with my credit card - By Quentin Fottrell WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch

Why the Apple Watch will never be as successful as the iPhone - WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch By Quentin Fottrell

Google Rolling Out Its Own MVNO Carrier Network - by Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Network

Central Ohio to get new 380 area code in existing 614 region - The Associated Press

Android Pay: Mobile Payment Systems, Unite - By Richard Adhikari

Can Lenovo Brand Recover from Superfish Malware Scandal? - By Jennifer LeClaire / Enterprise Security Today

Samsung Galaxy S6 touts curve appeal in Apple iPhone war - By Matt Kwong, CBC News

Google Rolling Out Its Own MVNO Carrier Network - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Business Report

Ikea turns furniture into wireless phone chargers - AFP

FCC Votes in Favor of New Net Neutrality Regulations: One Step in a Long Process, Critics Say - by David Hamilton

Artemis Testing Super Fast Alternative to LTE - By Jennifer LeClaire / Sci-Tech Today

Does Apple Have The Highest Percentage Of Fanboys That Aren't Investing? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Google Pads Its Wallet - By Richard Adhikari

AT&T Puts a Price on Privacy - By Erika Morphy

Can Lenovo Brand Recover from Superfish Malware Scandal? - By Jennifer LeClaire

Superfish leaves Lenovo swimming in hot water - USA TODAY  By: edwardbaig

The Un-Carrier Beats the Street's Expectations - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Business Report

EXCLUSIVE: Did Apple Just Miss The M&A Deal Of A Lifetime? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Facebook virtual reality apps could be 'revolutionary' - Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

AT&T Launches GigaPower in Kansas City, Takes on Google Fiber - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Business Report

Verizon Tops Latest RootMetrics Performance Report But Data Speed, Reliability Improve Across The Board - By Quinten Plummer, Tech Times'

Verizon is America’s number one performing network - Written by  Joseph Nordqvist

CEOs skip cybersecurity summit - Radio Interview on MarketPlace on NPR by Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Verizon's finally offering more deals to its own customers - Yahoo Finance By Aaron Pressman

Verizon Wireless tops network-performance ranking in Ohio - By  Tim Feran The Columbus Dispatch

U.S. Carriers Must Now Unlock Cell Phones for Free - By Jennifer LeClaire / Sci-Tech Today

First Ubuntu Smartphone to Arrive in Europe Next Week - Aquaris E4.5 - By Peter Suciu • LinuxInsider • ECT News Network

Mall's RadioShack on list of potential store closures - By Howard Greninger Tribune-Star

EarthLink eliminating 110 jobs in Anniston, Arab - Patrick McCreless - Star Staff Writer

RadioShack Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy After Years of Losses - NBC News

RadioShack files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - By Andrea Ahles, Sandra Baker  - and Steve Kaskovich

Ford drives scheduling with artificial intelligence - By Sharon Gaudin - Computerworld

Why Apple may never have another blockbuster like the iPhone - WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch by By Quentin Fottrell

FCC Issues Tough Warning Against WiFi Blocking - By Erika Morphy

No Hoax! 2015 Legal Marijuana Ban By Facebook, Social Media Says New Report

T-Mobile Tries To Even 'Score' with Rivals - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Network

T-Mobile Courts Credit-Challenged Customers - By Erika Morphy • CRM Buyer • ECT News Network

Microsoft Windows 10, Project Spartan and HoloLens: All you need to know - Posted by: Anirudh Madhav

Windows 10: Is the Steak as Good as the Sizzle? - By Dan Heilman / NewsFactor Business Report

Weekly Tech Highlights: Microsoft's Surprise Invention, Apple Watch Concerns & More - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

FreedomPop's $5 WiFi Plan Whittles Wireless Bills - By Richard Adhikari

Apple And Instagram Are Stomping Out Marijuana...But Should They? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

White House uses social media to amplify Obama's big speech - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Virgin Mobile Launches No-Contract Data Sharing - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Business Report

Google tries to reset Glass embarrassment with cooler wearable - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

T-Mobile Rolls Out $40 Prepaid Plan - By Jennifer LeClaire

‘Facebook at Work’ app targets Slack and Google - By Quentin Fottrell WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch;_ylt=AwrBJSA_nrVUrFoA71zQtDMD

Should Facebook Still Try To Build A Smartphone? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Verizon Under Fire over Zombie Cookies - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Business Report

Will New 2015 Smartphones Help Samsung Emerge from Recent Slump? by Gary Krakow

AT&T Rolls Out the Rollover Data Plan - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Network

Half of Workers Say Internet Helps Productivity - By Dan Heilman / NewsFactor Network;_ylt=AwrBEiT7naZU6S0AiWrQtDMD

Facebook Vs. Twitter: The Battle For Sports Video - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Internet of Things will become more disruptive, shaking things up - By: Michael Hatamoto | Connectivity & Communications News

'The Interview' Is Out - What's Next For Free Speech? - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Does It Matter If Apple Releases A 12-Inch Tablet? - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga

Half of Workers Say Internet Helps Productivity - By Dan Heilman / NewsFactor Network

Apple to make new 4-inch iPhone?

Blackberry plans self-destructing phone - Play 0:00 / 1:26 by Adam Allington NPR Marketplace Radio

Cable companies change tactics to win back cord cutters - Lauren Abdel-Razzaq, The Detroit News

Apple May Release iPhone 6S Mini If Sales Estimates Top 10 Million - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Apple iPhone 6S Mini Release Imminent with Sales Expectations Topping 10 Million plus 3 Huge Upgrades - by Precious Silva

Apple in 2015: iPhone 7, iPad Air Plus, iPhone Mini and More - By Sami Khan December 29, 2014

Apple Inc. (AAPL) May Launch 4-inch iPhone If Estimates Top 10M Units: Analyst - by Aman Jain - December 29, 2014

Apple Release Roundup: iPhone 6s Minis, 12-inch Retina MacBook Air And More - By Precious Silva

Blackberry plans self-destructing phone - by Adam Allington NPR MarketPlace

Buckle up IT: The enterprise needs you for cloud adoption - By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld

No time like the present to switch cell phones or plans - Martin Moylan Minnesota Public Radio

Amazon Plans Fire Phone Do-Over for 2016 - By Katherine Noyes

Even better deals may be coming for mobile consumers in 2015 - Yahoo Finance By Aaron Pressman

Smartphone theft hit 3M Americans in 2013 thanks to a growing black market - Dean Takahashi

Amazon Break-Up Hype Continues, But Analysts Don't Buy It - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

The Secret World of Stolen Smartphones, Where Business Is Booming - WIRED By Matthew Shaer

Baidu-Uber deal would be boon for both: analysts - By Jack Freifelder, CHINA DAILY (USA)

Wireless price war drives down costs for consumers, sales for carriers - By Paresh Dave  LOS ANGELES TIMES

BlackBerry Classic aimed squarely at loyalists . - Toronto Star. by: Michael Lewis

Consumer groups warn low-cost landline phone services could be at risk - By Steve Tarter of the Journal Star

Client of the Year: T-Mobile - by Aaron Baar MediaPost

Nokia N1 Android tablet causes a surprise - By Leo Kelion BBC

AT&T Brings VoLTE, HD Voice to 18 More Markets - By Jennifer LeClaire;_ylt=AwrBEiTFh4lUTDcAX5jQtDMD

Why Hasn't Apple Released A New Apple TV? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Why Sony Ignored Hackers' Threats - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Yahoo's Developer Conference Is The Company's Way Of 'Fighting Back' - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Wireless price war drives down costs for consumers, sales for carriers - LA TIMES By Paresh Dave

Mobile price war driving sales, with decreasing price for consumers , By Michael Hatamoto | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones News

Jeff Kagan Thinks Uber and Lyft Are Going Full Speed Ahead

10 most hated industries of 2014 - By Quentin Fottrell WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch;_ylt=AwrSyCM7SX5UgBcAZ3vQtDMD

Apple's Success Has Made It Part Of The 'Payola Scheme' - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

The future of television. Americans are ditching cable in favor of Netflix and other streaming-video services. Is streaming the future of TV? - By The Week Staff

Why Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart need Apple - By Quentin Fottrell MARKETWATCH WALL STREET JOURNAL

MH370 News: Call To Passenger’s Phone Gets Through - By Athena Yenko  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES

Lollipop's Encryption Takes a Hefty Toll - By Katherine Noyes • TechNewsWorld • ECT News Network

EU Votes to Urge Google Break Up - By Catherine Phillips 11/27/14 at 2:15 PM

Cost of cable TV vs. Internet streaming - By Stacy Jones •

Comcast Launches App To Track the Cable Guy - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Business Report

Cost of cable TV vs. Internet streaming - By Stacy Jones •

Analysts Say Europe Should 'Reward Google,' Ditch Break-Up Plan That 'Doesn't Make Sense' - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

How 2-in-1 devices ease presentations, data input - DELL NEWSLETTER - By Brian T. Horowitz

Can Best Buy Reinvent Itself As A Trendsetter? Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Chromecast Vs. Fire TV Stick Vs. Roku Streaming Stick: Which Device Will Stuff More Stockings? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Is Future of Google Glass Losing Its Rosy Tint? - By Dan Heilman / Sci-Tech Today

‘Facebook at Work’ could target Google and LinkedIn. By Quentin Fottrell. MARKETWATCH, WALL STREET JOURNAL

Tariff Removal Could Mean Fewer U.S. Jobs And Lower-Priced Goods - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Sun, Nov 16, 2014, 8:47AM EST - US Markets are closed;_ylt=AwrBJR.ZqmhUsUkASbrQtDMD

iPhone 6 Vs. Entire Galaxy Line: Will Apple Win The Holidays? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

DoubleClick Outage Might Have Cost Google Millions (Not Billions) Of Dollars - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Sony's PlayStation Streaming TV Service Raises The Stakes For The Next Apple TV - By Luke Villapaz INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES

 Telecom in turmoil , THE HILL By Julian Hattem

Verizon Offers Holiday Travel Freebies for 'Connection Day' - By Jennifer LeClaire.

This New Tool Will Tell You Where You Can Watch Almost Anything Online — Legally - by Lauren C. Williams

ESPN Deals a Major Blow to Comcast. By Motley Fool, Source: ESPN

Obama and net neutrality: What it means (and what you need to know) by Peter Suciu @FortuneMagazine

Are Tiny Internet Satellites Twinkling in Musk's Eyes? By Katherine Noyes

Hotels find a new way to use your smartphone

Audio interview with Jeff Kagan on WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch

Automotive infotainment systems can be good and bad - By Tyrel Linkhorn / Block News Alliance

Sprint trims subscriber losses in Q3, hangs on as third-largest U.S. carrier. By Matt Hamblen COMPUTERWORLD

Sprint struggling to turn company around, as CEO makes tough choices. By: Michael Hatamoto TWEAKTOWN

Will Amazon Ever Make A Profit? Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Sprint Laying Off 2,000; More Changes Coming. By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Network

In-car technology often presents steep learning curve for drivers [The Blade, Toledo, Ohio] TMC NEWS

Going Mobile: a User’s Guide to Investing Apps - By Charlie Wells and AnnaMaria Andriotis WALL STREET JOURNAL

Apple Drives Positive Impact on U.S. Economy - By Jennifer LeClaire.

Cox rolls out gigabit Internet service to Phoenix area - Angelique Soenarie, The Republic |

Fire Phone: Why Amazon's Smartphone Failed (Just Like Facebook Home) - By Luke Villapaz International Business Times

Donald A. Pels, Media Executive and Philanthropist, Dies at 86 - By STEVE LOHR, NEW YORK TIMES

Will Apple Inc., Others Thwart, Inc.'s Smart Home Plans? - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Will Microsoft Release An Apple Watch Competitor In 2015? - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Will Microsoft Have A Better Quarter Than Intel? - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Rumored BlackBerry Ltd Deal Could Be Great For Lenovo - by Aman Jain

Microsoft Rebranding Nokia Lumia Line - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Network

Apple sales surge (except for the iPad) - By Quentin Fottrell WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch;_ylt=AwrBJSBFg0VUjC8A1YPQtDMD

Apple's iPhone 6 May Be Poised For Record-Breaking Q4 Results - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Rumored BlackBerry-Lenovo Union Could Be A 'Great' M&A Deal - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Apple’s profit rises thanks to iPhone 6 - SAPA-AFP

New iPhones deliver big profits for Apple - AFP

Apple profits jump 13% on back of strong iPhone 6 sales - AFP-JIJI

With C Spire, Jackson joins other cities set to ride wave of lightning speed into tomorrow - by Ted Carter MISSISSIPPI BUSINESS JOURNAL

Good Question: Could HBO Change How We Pay For TV? - Heather Brown WCCO CBS TV

HBO cuts out the middle man with streaming service - By Quentin Fottrell MarketWatch WALL STREET JOURNAL

Twitter mobile-payment service follows the (young) money - By Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch WALL STREET JOURNAL

5 tips for building a successful hybrid cloud - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Wireless Carriers Could Take a Shine to Ad-Blocking - By Erika Morphy

Bionym's wearable authentication device ships to developers - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Ashton Kutcher’s latest role: front man for Lenovo - Ben Flanagan THE NATIONAL

Central Florida TV options grow as competition heats up - By Caitlin Dineen Orlando Sentinel

Are Investors Wrong About Tesla's Model D? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Samsung Plots Foray Into Speedy 60-GHz WiFi Market - By Richard Adhikari

Clicks To Bricks: The Amazon Store Could Usher In 'A New Era' For The Retail World - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Apple Inc. Tax Probe Could Be Expensive For Everyone Involved - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

4 Reasons Why HP Inc. Can Win The PC Market - by Luke Villapaz

Should You Pay To Be 'Liked' On Facebook Inc? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Neural Networks Reach into Virtual Assistants . Decades-old neural networking technology is being used to improve voice interactions. By Leonard Klie

Cloud price cuts are nice but enterprises still want more.  By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Analysts Now Worried About iPhone 6 Radiation. RF exposure greater in Apple’s handsets than in Samsung’s. - By Filip Truta

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6 Plus Radiates More Than Samsung's Galaxy Note 3: Should You Be Concerned? - Benzinga by Louis Bedigian

AT&T Doubles Data on Shared Mobile Plans - By Jennifer LeClaire / NewsFactor Network

Is PayPal Stronger Against Apple Inc. Without eBay Inc? - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

BlackBerry Passport: Why it represents the 'crux' of CEO John Chen's strategy - By Mark Gollom, CBC News

Forget passwords -- the Nymi wristband uses your heartbeat for security - Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Wolverton: New way of making cell calls promises better service - By Troy Wolverton Mercury News Columnist;_ylt=AwrBEiHKLydUulAAw6_QtDMD

Yahoo! Inc.-AOL, Inc. Merger Push Suggests Marissa Mayer's Turnaround 'Isn't Going Well' - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Record Apple iPhone sales fail to wow Wall Street - By Jonathan Berr MoneyWatch

VoLTE Gets Real: But the Number of Devices Supporting It Is Really Limited - By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

BlackBerry Flashes Passport to the Future - By Peter Suciu

Comcast Blasts TWC Merger Foes - By Katherine Noyes

How to whittle down that wireless bill - REUTERS - By Mitch Lipka;_ylt=AwrBJR9g5BpU0iQAI4fQtDMD

Should, Inc. Use RadioShack Corporation To Enter Brick And Mortar? Benzinga By Louis Bedigian;_ylt=AwrBJR9g5BpU0iQAJYfQtDMD

Microsoft 'Doubles Down' On Gaming With 'Minecraft' Purchase - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian;_ylt=AwrBJR9g5BpU0iQAJ4fQtDMD

iPhone 6 Pre-Order Record Points To 'Several Years' Of Ongoing Growth - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Pre-Order Delays Plague iPhone 6 Rollout -  By Dan Heilman / NewsFactor Network

Netflix: the revolution that changed the US TV landscape - AFP

Analysts React To Google Inc-eBay Inc $85 Billion Merger Rumor - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Verizon Plans a la Carte Video Service by Mid-2015 - By Shirley Siluk / NewsFactor Network

Comcast Ad Tinkering Could Muck Up WiFi Security , By Katherine Noyes

Apple Showcases New Products Including New iPhone 6, iWatch And iOS 8

Eleventh-Hour Apple Rumors Churn As Anticipation Builds - By Jennifer LeClaire

Here’s What to Expect From Apple (AAPL) Announcement - ABC NEWS By Richard Davies

740 area code soon to share territory with 220 - By  Tim Feran  The Columbus Dispatch

Sprint Bolsters Cellular Data With New Family Share Pack Plans - By Todd R. Weiss

Google Vs. Amazon: The Drone Wars - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga

What the Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger Could Mean for Your Cable Bill - By Motley Fool;_ylt=AwrTWf0SqwhUvRYAakXQtDMD

Apple's Game Console Could Feature 'Kinect On Steroids' - Benzinga By Louis Bedigian

Will The iCloud Hacking Controversy Interfere With Apple's iPhone 6 Event? - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Cable companies should be afraid of this trend WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch By Quentin Fottrell

Celebrity nude photos scandal a wake-up call for cloud users COMPUTERWORLD By Sharon Gaudin

NASA launches massive cloud migration - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

California Lays Down the Kill-Switch Law - By Katherine Noyes

Apple To Replace 'Small Percentage' of iPhone 5 Batteries - By Dan Heilman

Google Gets in a Trusted Stores Encryption Tangle - By Richard Adhikari

Lionsgate Could Be Losing Billions To 'Hunger Games' Pirates - Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer

Small businesses seek to take off with the cloud - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Netflix Is Paying Time Warner For Faster Video Delivery, Completing The Big Four ISPs Set - John Hopton for – Your Universe Online

Sprint Launches First Salvo In Price War To Retake Share - TWICE  By: Joseph Palenchar

Sprint slashes shared data plan prices - COMPUTERWORLD By Matt Hamblen

Sprint Could Recover Quickly, Steal Customers Back From T-Mobile - By Craig Galbraith CHANNEL PARTNERS

Cable companies balk at rising costs for sports programming - By Michael Sanserino / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Will Sprint Be T-Mobile Copycat? - By Jennifer LeClaire.

New Sprint CEO Cutting Costs To 'Compete Aggressively' - By Jennifer LeClaire

Can New Sprint CEO Save the Ailing Wireless Carrier? - Abigail Phillips

Peer pressure! Business pushing the cloud on enterprise IT - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Sprint Sheds Hesse Along With T-Mobile Hopes - By Richard Adhikari

Can Sprint do anything but suck? - By David Goldman CNN

Sprint shares plunge as T-Mobile deal falls apart - By Jonathan Berr CBS NEWS MoneyWatch

Sprint And T-Mobile Go Solo: Can The Wireless Minnows Survive Big Fish Verizon And AT&T? - By Luke Villapaz IBT TIMES

Sprint Dumps T-Mobile Merger, Hires New CEO - By Jennifer LeClaire

Sprint moves on CEO, T-Mobile bid signal transition - Grant Gross

Sprint confirms new CEO amid reports of abandoning T-Mobile merger - By Matt Hamblen COMPUTERWORLD

What’s Going on at Google’s Secret ‘Davos’? - By  Gabrielle Karol FOXBusiness

Microsoft Sends Cortana to Far-Flung Corners of the Earth - By Kris Holt

If Verizon Et Al Follow Windstream's Move To Become A REIT, Will Customers Finally Get Better Service? - Erika Morphy FORBES

BlackBerry Picks Secusmart to Tighten Mobile Security - By Katherine Noyes

Stanford Researchers Build a Better Battery - By Kris Holt

Virgin Mobile Offers Custom Smartphone Plans - By Jennifer LeClaire

Microsoft seeks help in pushing cloud tech - By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld

Verizon Plans Throttling for 'Unlimited' Bandwidth Hogs - By Jennifer LeClaire

Sprint Becomes Google Apps for Business Reseller - By Dan Heilman

Why Apple may never have another product as successful as the iPhone - By Quentin Fottrell, WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch

A supersize iPhone is a big risk for Apple - By Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch WALL STREET JOURNAL

Verizon Puts More Muscle Behind FiOS Upload Speeds - By Jennifer LeClaire

Is Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited worth the price? - By Catey Hill, WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch  

Dish's Hopper DVR Is No Aereo - By Kris Holt - E-Commerce Times

You may never have to buy another book again. Amazon is testing “Kindle Unlimited” with a library of 600,000 titles. - WALL STREET JOURNAL MARKETWATCH By Quentin Fottrell

Microsoft seeks help in pushing cloud tech . Looks to partners to help convince enterprises to switch from Microsoft software to its cloud services - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Apple, IBM Partner on Business-Minded Mobile Apps - By Jennifer LeClaire

How To Break Up with Your Cable Company - Donna Rosato @RosatoDonna

Comcast Rep Tears Into Fleeing Customer 'Like a Pit Bull on a Pork Chop' - By Katherine Noyes CRM Buyer

Sprint Launches the Swiss Army Knife of Mobile Hotspots - By Rachelle Dragani TechNewsWorld

Aereo Aims to Make Lemonade From Supreme Court's Lemons - by Kris Holt E-Commerce Times

Smartphone-Tablet Combinations Are Putting The Squeeze On Tablet PCs - Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

C Spire adding suite of home security, monitoring to new ultra speed Internet service - by Ted Carter MISSISSIPPI BUSINESS JOURNAL  

The Indestructible Smartphone: Closer Than You Think - By Michael Andronico, LAPTOP

Did T-Mobile 'Cram' Customers? FTC Wants To Know - By Dan Heilman NewsFactor

Google AdWords Nixes the Raunchiest Stuff - by Kris Holt E-Commerce Times

7 things you need to know about Facebook's mood experiment - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

FTC Accuses T-Mobile Of Adding Bogus Charges To Bills - Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

Facebook emotional manipulation test turns users into 'lab rats' - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Verizon to Chromebook Pixel Owners: We're On It - By Katherine Noyes  E-Commerce Times

Whatever happened to the cable TV revolution? - By Quentin Fottrell, WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch

Aereo Loses Supreme Court Fight Against Broadcasters - By Jennifer LeClaire

US Supreme Court rules against online TV startup Aereo - AFP

Path Adds Another Avenue for Mobile Gabfest - By Richard Adhikari E-Commerce Times

Verizon Flips Off Chromebook Pixel Customers - By Kris Holt  E-Commerce Times

Charter, Rogers: Seeking Loyalty Across 1,000 Channels

Amazon’s Fire Phone could add 55% to your shopping bill - By Quentin Fottrell  WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch

Amazon's Fire Phone: All About the Green - By Jennifer LeClaire

The Take: Amazon phone could boost AT&T and federal jobless claims fall - Mike W. Thomas San Antonio Business Journal

Amazon 3D 'Fire' smartphone to challenge rivals

AT&T exclusive carrier of Amazon's Fire Phone - Atlanta Business Chronicle

Dems Push Net Neutrality Against the Odds -By Erika Morphy TechNewsWorld

The Morning Download: H-P Introduces Workday Integration Service WALL STREET JOURNAL

AT&T’s Fire exclusivity full of promise, potholes

How the cloud can make IT shops more innovative - Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Amazon Could Announce Direct Retail Link With New Smartphone - Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

As Expected, E-Commerce Giant Amazon Unveils New Fire Phone - Peter Suciu for Your Universe Online

Amazon's Fire phone is 'Prime' example of customer first - Matt Hamblen (Computerworld (US)) on 19 June, 2014 09:38

Amazon unveils Fire Phone unveils the Fire Phone, its first smartphone - By Andrea Chang,  Chris O'Brien  contact the reporters

Amazon debuts Fire Phone: 3-D images, gesture controls, and scanning tech - By Karis Hustad, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Amazon unveils its smartphone, analyst calls partnership with AT&T 'powerful' - Bill Hethcock  Dallas Business Journal

Can Amazon score in the smartphone game? - By Jonathan Berr CBS NEWS /MoneyWatch

If Amazon Builds It, Will They Come? - By Kris Holt TechNewsWorld

Report: AT&T Snags Amazon Smartphone Exclusive - By Jennifer LeClaire

Google Fiber Could Accelerate ‘Bet Your Business’ Software in the Cloud, WALL STREET JOURNAL, CIO Journal By Clint Boulton

AT&T, DirecTV Merger Could Hamper Cord-Cutting - by Kris Holt  E-Commerce Times

With Amazon streaming comes larger data bills - By Quentin Fottrell WALL STREET JOURNAL MARKETWATCH

T-Mobile is at a crossroads, so is the U.S. wireless industry - By James O'Toole CNN MONEY

Industry unsure if Amazon will launch smartphone later this month - By: Michael Hatamoto | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones News

Apple’s first affordable product: its stock - By Quentin Fottrell  WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch

 Will Sprint, T-Mobile $32B Merger Raise Mobile Prices? ABC NEWS RADIO

Battle For Bandwidth: Face Off Between Netflix And Verizon Over Content Delivery - Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online


Sprint and T-Mobile could ride a merger wave

Can a Sprint/T-Mobile merger get by regulators? Wall Street's laying long odds, but one analyst is willing to bet on it.

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Will Sprint, T-Mobile $32B Merger Raise Mobile Prices? - By Richard Davies ABC NEWS

Money Thursday Morning Preview - By Brent Clanton, Business Editor

Some Time Warner customers face change - By  Tim Feran  The Columbus Dispatch

Reports: Sprint and T-Mobile closing in on deal - Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY

Reports indicate Sprint would pay $32 billion for T-Mobile - By MARK DAVIS - The Kansas City Star

Online TV Surges To An All-Time High With Apple iOS Leading The Way - Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

AT&T First To Deploy VoLTE Network for HD Voice - By Jennifer LeClaire

The foolproof way to lower your cable bill - By Charles Passy, MarketWatch -

The epic technological transition that explains this year’s spate of tech mergers - By Brian Fung  WASHINGTON POST

Business users bypass IT and go rogue to the cloud - By Sharon Gaudin

House Vote Limits NSA Data Collection, But Experts Say It Won’t Stop Government Snooping - Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

Pay-TV prices will keep rising, merger or no merger - St. Louis Post Dispatch

AT&T-DirecTV merger: Heavy regulatory scrutiny ahead

Verizon Follows AT&T with HD Voice Talk - By Jennifer LeClaire

AT&T-DirecTV merger: Heavy regulatory scrutiny ahead - CNN Fortune

UPDATE: What AT&T, DirecTV deal means for you - By Quentin Fottrell MORNINGSTAR

AT&T-DirecTV deal unlikley to affect Connecticut consumers - By Luther Turmelle, New Haven Register

AT&T Wants To Buy DirecTV For $48.5 Billion, Football And A Fight With Time Warner-Comcast

TV, Internet subscribers dissatisfied, survey finds - By Tim Feran Columbus Dispatch

AT&T Gambles on DirecTV - By Rachelle Dragani E-Commerce Times

DirecTV finds needed partner in AT&T: Analyst WALL STREET JOURNAL RADIO

What AT&T, DirecTV deal means for you WALL STREET JOURNAL By Quentin Fottrell

Forget 'the Cloud'; 'the Fog' Is Tech's Future - By Christopher Mims WALL STREET JOURNAL,2817,2458199,00.asp

Rumor: AT&T to Announce DirecTV Acquisition Sunday - By David Murphy

AT&T First To Deploy VoLTE Network for HD Voice by Jennifer LeClaire

T-Mobile, Univision Woo Hispanic Smartphone Users - By Jennifer LeClaire

TV, Internet subscribers dissatisfied, survey finds - By  Tim Feran The Columbus Dispatch

AT&T Wants To Buy DirecTV For $48.5 Billion, Football And A Fight With Time Warner-Comcast

AT&T-DirecTV deal unlikley to affect Connecticut consumers - By Luther Turmelle, New Haven Register

Here's why AT&T is trying to buy DirecTV - By Ben Popper

AT&T-DirecTV combo promises new challenges for Comcast-TWC merger - FierceCable - Jim Barthold

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GM Announces Pricing For Its 4G Hotspot On New Cars - Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

AT&T's $50B interest in DirecTV is just one part of an ambitious expansion, By Matt Hamblen, COMPUTERWORLD

AT&T pursues $50B DirecTV deal. Roadblock for Comcast/Time Warner? (+video)

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The average American pays for 172 cable television channels that they don't actually watch, according to recent study - By Daily Mail Reporter

HP looks to ease enterprise IT cloud fears - By Sharon Gaudin COMPUTERWORLD

Americans watch only 17 of their 189 cable channels - By Quentin Fottrell WALL STREET JOURNAL MarketWatch

Residential listings removed from county phone books - by Patrick McCreless

Google Delivers Shopping Express to NYC, West LA - By Seth Fitzgerald

Boost Launches Unlimited Mobile Plans - By Jennifer LeClaire

What's driving a possible merger of AT&T and DirecTV? By/Jonathan Berr CBS MoneyWatch

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AT&T reportedly interested in acquiring DirecTV for $40 billion - By: Michael Hatamoto

Gogo's stock crashes after AT&T unveils in-flight LTE network plans - By Matt Hamblen

It's not TV, it's… YouTube? HBO turns to video site for series debuts - Anthony Domanico

Almost showtime for original TV content on Microsoft’s Xbox - By Janet I. Tu Seattle Times technology reporter

TV, video streaming, at a turning point - By Hiawatha Bray  | Globe Staff

5 reasons why Google can catch Amazon in the cloud - By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld

Comcast, Charter execute blockbuster customer swap - By Gregory J. Wilcox, Los Angeles Daily News

Comcast To Shed 4M Subscribers To Help Time Warner Deal - By Seth Fitzgerald

Deal would send local Time Warner customers to Charter

Netflix Slowly Infiltrates Cable Television With Own Channel To Debut Monday - by Scott Bickard, UniversityHerald Reporter

Apple’s first affordable product: its stock - By Quentin Fottrell  WALL STREET JOURNAL Marketwatch

The FCC’s new net neutrality rules will kill Aereo, even if the Supreme Court doesn’t - By Brian Fung  WASHINGTON POST

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Netflix Cable Companies - It's Now Even Easier To Watch Netflix - by Jack de Aguilar

High-end smartphones at lower prices coming as low-end vendors like Xiaomi make their move - By Michael McEnaney, Tech Times

Netflix Brings Streaming Video Service to Cable TV Channel - By Richard Waelty

4 Reasons Netflix Will Kill Cable - Brianna Valleskey, Benzinga Staff Writer

Reports say an Amazon phone is close - By Doug Gross, CNN

Cable ‘Megamerger’ Hinted Between Comcast and Time Warner - Steve Sanger

Comcast-Time Warner Deal Sparks Sharp Criticism From Netflix - Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

AT&T might challenge Google Fiber with high-speed Internet service in KC - By SCOTT CANON The Kansas City Star

AT&T might challenge Google Fiber with high-speed Internet service in KC - BusinessWeek - The Kansas City Star

AT&T Plans to Bring Fiber-to-the-Home to 21 New US Metro Areas - by David Hamilton

At last! Every new smartphone sold in America will have ‘kill switch’ to stop it being used by thieves, pledge phone makers

RadioShack Shorting Out - Jacob Harper

Smartphone makers to offer ‘kill switch’ next year; some lawmakers say that isn’t enough - By Martha Neil

Companies to voluntarily activate smartphone "kill switches" in 2015 - By Michael Roppolo. CBS News

CTIA Caves, Volunteers Kill Switch Plan - By Jennifer LeClaire

Drone Wars: Google Snatches Titan From Facebook's Grasp - By Rachelle Dragani E-Commerce Times

Wireless Industry Makes Anti-Theft Commitment - By TERRY COLLINS Associated Press

Smartphone 'kill switches' on the way - Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle

Apple, Samsung join smartphone anti-theft initiative, agree to provide a pre-loaded anti-theft tool on smartphones - by ibn

Phone and cable companies step up promotions and services - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

T-Mobile Ditches 'Greedy, Predatory' Overage Fees - By Kris Holt - E-Commerce Times

Apple's iBeacon Expands Retail Opportunities for Location-Based Services - By Sarah Sluis

Analyst: Samsung Galaxy S5 Won't Sway iPhone Lovers - By Jennifer LeClaire

Analyst: Samsung Galaxy S5 Won't Sway iPhone Lovers - By Jennifer LeClaire

AT&T to bring 1 Gbps FTTH service to North Carolina, By Sean Buckley

DBJ Confidential: Is your U-verse down? Here are U-options

Industry analyst Jeff Kagan gives Samsung Galaxy S5 thumbs up in initial review

Charlotte group building support for Google Fiber - By Caroline McMillan Portillo

China Approves Microsoft Acquisition of Nokia Devices - By Seth Fitzgerald

Will Google Offer a Wireless Service with Google Fiber? By Seth Fitzgerald

Why live-streaming won’t help cable cord cutters - Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, By Quentin Fottrell

T-Mobile Won't Have BlackBerry to Kick Around Any More - By Kris Holt

Vonage : Jeff Kagan: Status Report on Vonage VoIP

BlackBerry Drops T-Mobile After Nasty Spat - By Jennifer LeClaire

Broadcasters seek more details on 600 MHz incentive auction - by Monica Alleven

Apple, Samsung Head Back to Court -- Again By Seth Fitzgerald

Facebook Internet Project: The Skies Have It - By Kris Holt TechNewsWorld

Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd. : Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan: Blackberry Cancels Two Phones and Partners with Foxconn is Great News

Malaysian Air flight 370: Could cell phone have really made calls?

HTC One M8 Is A Great Phone, But … By Joseph Palenchar

Cable One dispute could black out 15 channels

HTC One Targets Samsung Galaxy S5 - By Jennifer LeClaire

Could Apple make cable TV cool again?

Business news briefs — March 25

Could Apple make cable TV cool again? By Quentin Fottrell MarketWatch Wall Street Journal

Malaysian Air flight 370: Could cell phone have really made calls? -

Netflix, Comcast Spar Over Net Neutrality - By Kris Holt E-Commerce Times

Comcast Isn't Offering HBO Go For Roku Users Any Time Soon - Brianna Valleskey, Benzinga

LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW: 3-17-14 - John Williams Show - 3 PM CBS Minnesota

Comcast teams with NRG on marketing program for electricity customers - By Michael Sanserino / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Huawei, Others Causing Trouble for Apple Brand - by  Andrew Berg

Billion-Dollar YouTube Suit Ends With a Whimper - by Kris Holt E-Commerce Times

Were the Phones on Flight MH370 Ever Connected? By Lance Ulanoff

9 Things That Didn't Happen to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - By Joshua A. Krisch

Is Facebook Ramping Up App Marketing? By Adam Dickter

iPhone 6 Release Round Up: Release Date in September, Larger Display Could Beat Samsung Galaxy S5 , By Surbhi

Satellite TV changes?

Data Point: iPhone Owners Are Loyal, but How About Samsung?

Missing MH370: Don't read too much into ringing phones, says tech expert , D. Kanyakumari, The Star/Asia News Network

How AT&T and T-Mobile are ripping off their prepaid customers - By Brian Fung

Apple iPhone 6 Release Roundup: Release Date in September, 90M Units, Hologram And More Specs - By Precious Silva

T-Mobile to Verizon: 'Cease and Desist' Map Ads - By Jennifer LeClaire

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Missing Malaysia airliner: Questions and answers. CNN - By Eliott C. McLaughlin

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'Ringing' Phones Do Not Mean Malaysian Passengers Are OK . - by Mark Memmott

Oil Rig Worker: 'I Saw the Malaysia Airlines Plane Come Down' - By Amanda Wills/8 hours ago

Ringing Phones Don't Lead to Any Conclusion About Missing Jet - By PTI - BEIJING

Missing Passengers' Phones Are Still Ringing. Can They Hear It?

LIVE CNN INTERVIEW: 'Phantom call' theory dismissed by experts. Analyst clarifies flight phone mystery - CNN Situation Room w Wolf Blitzer

Families: Cellphones of missing passengers still ring . Greg Toppo, USATODAY

Carrier Wars Spell Smartphone Plan Deals - CNBC - By: Ben Popken

CNN Debunks Malaysia Airlines Cell Phone Mystery - CNN Situation Room w Wolf Blitzer - by Matt Wilstein VIDEO

Cellphones still ringing for people aboard missing Malaysia jet - Associated Press

Why are missing Malaysia Airlines passengers' phones still ringing? Christian Science Monitor

Masayoshi Son cranks up his battle for T-Mobile - By/Jonathan Berr/MoneyWatch

Jet altered course by hundreds of miles; Cellphones of missing passengers still ring

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Missing Passengers’ Cell Phones Still Ringing, Gives Family Members False Hope - By Minyvonne Burke

Missing MH370: Don't read too much into ringing phones by d.kanyakumari

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight:Why are the phantom phones ringing 4 days after mystery disappearance? By Mirror

Missing plane: Don’t read too much into ringing phones—expert - The Star Online-Asia News Network

Ringing cell phone doesn’;t mean it’;s connected to end user, says tech expert - By The Malaysian Insider : Malaysia

Families: Cellphones of missing passengers still ring. USA TODAY Greg Toppo

'Ringing' Phones Do Not Mean Malaysian Passengers Are OK . NPR | Contributed By: Mark Memmott

This Is What Happened in the Missing Malaysian Plane Saga While You Were Sleeping - Marguerite Ward

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AT&T Slashes 2GB Mobile Share Prices - By Jennifer LeClaire

Apple's iBeacon Expands Retail Opportunities for Location-Based Services - By Sarah Sluis

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight: Why are the phantom phones ringing FOUR DAYS after mystery disappearance? - The Mirror By Ben Burrows  

Mystery: Malaysian Airlines passenger ‘phones ringing’ - By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News

AT&T offers lower-cost options on one- and two-line plans. Nancy Blair, USA TODAY

Google Glass gives photographer unique look at Space Coast. Written by Ilana Kowarski FLORIDA TODAY

Google Exec Says WhatsApp Not Worth What Facebook Paid - By Seth Fitzgerald

Smartphones not dying. Analyst agrees with Qualcomm. Written by Nick Farrell

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Google Issues Clarion Call for Project Ara Devs - By Kris Holt TechNewsWorld

Google Plans Fully Customizable Smartphone for $50 - Jordan Ecarma

Nobody knows what Netflix is actually paying Comcast. That’s a problem. By Brian Fung  Washington Post

Samsung, Nokia, Sony Take Spotlight at MWC By Seth Fitzgerald

BlackBerry Tries to Bring Back That Lovin' Feelin' By Kris Holt TechNewsWorld

Is Verizon Flexing Its Muscle with Netflix over Net Neutrality? By Adam Dickter


What Netflix/Comcast deal means for customers

Consumers may get bill for Netflix-Comcast deal . Opinions vary on whether upgraded service means higher subscriber fees. By Rex Crum, Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Does the Comcast-Netflix Deal Solve Net Neutrality Issues? - By Jennifer LeClaire

Netflix, Comcast Get Better Connected. By Kris Holt E-Commerce Times

Netflix, Comcast deal speeding up service, analyst says

Google's 3D tech could be boon to Glass, robots and virtual reality - By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld

Is Verizon Flexing Its Muscle with Netflix over Net Neutrality? By Adam Dickter

The foolproof way to lower your cable bill. TV Networks negotiate with your cable company — and so should you. By Charles Passy, Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Aha! Time Warner Cable ups Austin broadband speeds as Google Fiber looms - Martyn Williams

Ultrafast Google Fiber seeks to expand in 9 metro areas, including San Jose - By Brandon Bailey

Cable ‘Megamerger’ Hinted Between Comcast and Time Warner - Steve Sanger

Frank Underwood has a fan at the FCC. What the defense of net neutrality means for consumers. Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, By Quentin Fottrell

How a Tiny Streaming-TV Startup Ended Up Before the Supreme Court - By Julianne Pepitone

Bright House going all-digital by April; you'll need a converter box. Those who connect cable directly to TV offered free converter boxes. By Ilana Kowarski FLORIDA TODAY

Netflix Won't Point Fingers for Slower Connection Speeds - By Seth Fitzgerald

Time Warner Cable Acquisition by Comcast to Cost $45.2 Billion - Bernadine Racoma

U.S. wireless carriers engaged in fight for subscriber attention - By: Michael Hatamoto

How the Comcast, Time Warner Cable merger could impact you - Jeff Maher, KXTV

Biggest loser in Time Warner Cable deal may be you - Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, By Quentin Fottrell

What a Comcast-Time Warner deal could mean for you - By Doug Gross, CNN

Customer service challenge ahead in Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal - By Rick Rothacker

T-Mobile makes steps in the right direction, fighting wireless rivals By: Michael Hatamoto

Comcast To Buy Time Warner in Blockbuster Deal - By Jennifer LeClaire

Comcast-Time Warner cable merger raises concerns in Lowcountry - By Tyrone Richardson and Warren L. Wise

Content Providers: Consumers Have Gone Mobile, Ready or Not - By Kris Holt

Comcast buys Time Warner. What does it mean for cable customers? - Christian Science Monitor - By Schuyler Velasco

Kagan: Verizon Wireless takes its time, responds carefully to rivals - By: Michael Hatamoto | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones News

Consumers hoard $13 billion in old iPhones. The resale market for smartphones continues to grow. Wall Street Journal MarketWatch. By Quentin Fottrell

SoftBank and Sprint unlikely to receive approval to acquire T-Mobile

Sprint May Not Fight for T-Mobile Acquisition - By Jennifer LeClaire

8 On Your Side digs into Sprint customer complaints - KPTV, By Shannon Behnken

Apple's iBeacon Expands Retail Opportunities for Location-Based Services. The iOS7 feature can facilitate marketing and mobile payment processing. - By Sarah Sluis

Tuning in Olympics made easier with new tech - By Troy Wolverton

California Lawmakers Push for Smartphone Kill Switches - By Seth Fitzgerald

Motorola Mobility workers still fear layoffs

EU, Google Reach a Deal on Antitrust, Avoiding Huge Fine - By Seth Fitzgerald

Dems Introduce Bills to Bring Back Net Neutrality - By Erika Morphy

John Malone: He's baaaaaaaack   The cable mogul's flurry of recent offers has industry watchers asking: What's the play? By David Whitford

Facebook Turns 10, in Competitors' Crosshairs - By Seth Fitzgerald

Did AT&T Just Out-Price T-Mobile? - By Jennifer LeClaire

Nokia X Android powered smartphone may release as early as this March -By Joel Joseph

Apple may resort to solar powered batteries for its upcoming smartwatch - By Joel Joseph

By ditching Motorola, Google shifts its focus to gadgets - Sharon Gaudin

Google shifts focus to gadgets post Motorola sell-off

Satya Nadella May Be Microsoft's Next CEO - By Seth Fitzgerald

Motorola Mobility workers still fear layoffs - By Anna Marie Kukec

With Motorola sold, Google can focus on robots, Glass and smart homes - By Sharon Gaudin

Google Sells Moto to Lenovo for $2.91B - By Jennifer LeClaire

Lenovo Building Smartphone Presence With Motorola Purchase - By Joseph Palenchar

Dutch Court Lifts Block Against Pirate Bay as Ineffective - By Seth Fitzgerald

AT&T Offers Customers $100 Sign-On Bonus By Jennifer LeClaire

Cable company consolidation doesn't necessarily mean cheaper prices - JIM GALLAGHER | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Apple Updates iWork for iCloud, Adds Shared Doc Passwords - By Seth Fitzgerald

Technology frees couch potatoes to watch TV anytime, anywhere - By  Kevin Joy  The Columbus Dispatch

‘TV everywhere’ might not cut your $150-a-month cable bill - By Jim Gallagher St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MCT)

Did Microsoft Make a Smart Buy with Nokia? - By Jennifer LeClaire

Intel Deal Could Help Verizon Expand Its TV Horizons - By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times

Fon Raises $14 Million for WiFi-Sharing Network - By Jennifer LeClaire

Verizon buys Intel Media - by Martha DeGrasse.

T-Mobile CEO Swears (Like A Sailor) That Industry Will Change - by Steve Henn NPR

Verizon Edge Now Allows Upgrades After 30 Days - By Seth Fitzgerald

Your home will soon be a giant iPhone. Google (and others) know when you’re asleep — and when you’re awake. By Quentin Fottrell  Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Verizon Edge Now Allows Upgrades After 30 Days - By Seth Fitzgerald

Will 'TV everywhere' cut your $150 a month cable bill? - By Jim Gallagher

Google's Making 'Smart' Contacts for Diabetics - By Adam Dickter

5 things you'll pay less for in 2014 - CNN

Should you switch cellphone carriers? How to benefit from the T-Mobile vs. AT&T war - By Jennifer Waters, MarketWatch  Wall Street Journal

TVs on display at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month in Las Vegas. How they compare: CenturyLink Prism vs. Cox Contour By Barbara Soderlin / World-Herald staff writer

Beating the cable company by finding other options - By MARLEN GARCIA Chicago Sun Times

T-Mobile Implements Changes, But Are They Enough To Lead? - By Seth Fitzgerald

AT&T's Sponsored Data Steps Into Net Neutrality Pit - By Jennifer LeClaire

Next Wave Of Telecom Wars To Focus On Switchers - by Aaron Baar

CES 2014: T-Mobile To Pay New Customers’ Early Termination Fees - Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online  

Sprint Offers Discounts to Extended 'Framily' - By Jennifer LeClaire

Pebble Goes Metallic - By Rachelle Dragani - TechNewsWorld

Next great gadget at consumer electronics show? - By Hiawatha Bray Boston Globe Staff

T-Mobile Buys Verizon Spectrum in $3.3B Deal - By Jennifer LeClaire

Facebook called likely to prevail in latest privacy charge - Sharon Gaudin ComputerWorld

AT&T vs. T-Mobile: Opening shots in new wireless war? The Prudent Man by Terry Ponick Washington Times

AT&T strikes back at upstart T-Mobile as wireless price war looms - by Jonathan Berr CBS MoneyWatch

Read this before you take $450 from AT&T - By Quentin Fottrell - Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Facebook made of Teflon when it comes to privacy, analysts say - By Sharon Gaudin

AT&T Throws Down $450-To-Switch Gauntlet to T-Mobile - By Jennifer LeClaire

AT&T tries luring T-Mobile users with credit - Posted by Muhammad Iqbal

AT&T tries luring T-Mobile users with credit - By Sinead Carew - REUTERS

Keep it or return it? 10 holiday tech gifts.  By Quentin Fottrell Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

T-Mobile Resolves To Transform the Industry -- But How? - By Jennifer LeClaire

Apple's iBeacon Expands Retail Opportunities for Location-Based Services - By Sarah Sluis

Ultrabook Challenges the Tablet - By: Enid Burns |

BlackBerry CEO Optimistic For Strong Comeback, But Channel May Be Left Behind - By Sarah Kuranda

BlackBerry CEO Hints at Bright Future - By Jennifer LeClaire

Israeli Researcher Claims Samsung's Knox Is Vulnerable to Malware - By Adam Dickter

No-contract cellphones growing in popularity - Prepaid options offer more than bare-bones service - By Kristi E. Swartz Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Apple's Tim Cook Hints at Big Plans for 2014 - By Jennifer LeClaire

In Person: Brash T-Mobile CEO in a rush to shake things up - By JAMES B. STEWART The New York Times

BlackBerry CEO Delivers Never-Say-Die Message - By Kris Holt E-Commerce Times

MBJ BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR — Forward thinking: C Spire’s Hu Meena has made the most of 2013 - by Ted Carter

Company wants to build cell phone tower outside Jacksonville

Judge rips NSA's phone snooping. NSA ruling may help tech biz make case By: O’Ryan Johnson

NPR RADIO: Fresh Merger Talks Involving Time Warner Expected To Begin , by Nathan Rott,

Verizon Could Announce OnCue Deal This Week, Say Sources , Jim Probasco, Benzinga

Sprint, T-Mobile Deal May Face Regulatory Hurdles , By Jennifer LeClaire

Report: Sprint eyes offer for T-Mobile - AFP

Despite High Prices, Investors Still Salivate Over Mobile Plays. Jaewon Kang, Forbes Staff,0,285235.story#axzz2nP3JG0bS

Sprint may be looking to make a bid for T-Mobile - By Andrea Chang

Sprint and T-Mobile shares jump on merger report . By MARK DAVIS, The Kansas City Star

Why cable TV bills are only going up. Consumers will have to wait for la carte TV and lower prices. Wall Street Journal Marketwatch By Quentin Fottrell

Normandy May Lead Nokia's Surprise Android Attack , By Kris Holt

T-Mobile 2013: The Comeback Carrier, BY PETE PACHAL

Verizon Buys EdgeCast To Boost Video Content, By Adam Dickter

EC to Nokia: Don't Even Think About Patent Trolling , By Kris Holt

Entertainment  More: CNBC Disney Television. How Disney Plans To Keep Kids Hooked On TV Forever. Chris Morris, CNBC

T-Mobile Launches New Unlimited Talk and Text Phone Plan Sunday , By Justin Stock

Did T-Mobile actually change the wireless industry? By Hayley Tsukayama, Washington Post

AT&T Follows T-Mobile with No-Contract Plans, By Jennifer LeClaire

iPhones are for browsing, iPads for buying, By Quentin Fottrell, Wall Street Journal Marketwatch

How Disney plans to keep kids hooked on TV , by Chris Morris, Special to

Dual-Screen YotaPhone Goes Back to the Future , By Kris Holt

FTC Signs Off On Nokia-Microsoft Deal Following DOJ Approval , Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

Alcatel-Lucent Turnaround May Be Taking Hold - By Jeffrey Burt

2014: It's a Tablet, Tablet, Tablet, Tablet World, By Kris Holt

Apple's iBeacon Expands Retail Opportunities for Location-Based Services , By Sarah Sluis

Pebble Smartwatch Set for Prime Time?, By Adam Dickter

Brash C.E.O. Revives a Moribund T-Mobile, By JAMES B. STEWART, New York Times

What the smartwatch says about our mobile ecosystem, By Yorgen Edholm

Samsung Gussies Up Phablet Line With Galaxy Grand 2 , By Kris Holt TechNewsWorld

Major Management Changes Put 'Big Question Mark Over BlackBerry' , By Daniel Santa Cruz

BlackBerry Executive Shakeup Continues, By Jennifer LeClaire

Cable ‘Megamerger’ Hinted Between Comcast and Time Warner

Wireless Carriers Agree to Stop Mobile Cramming, By Jennifer LeClaire

Almost First to Worst: Sprint Plummets in Customer Satisfaction By Craig Galbraith

Samsung Crowns Galaxy Gear Most Popular Smartwatch, By Kris Holt

With New Low-End Moto G, Google Hopes To Shake Up The Smartphone Market , Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

Motorola aims at new markets with Moto G smartphone - AFP

Google's Moto G Targets Emerging Markets By Barbara E. Hernandez

Moto G Smartphone Targets Fast-Growing Developing Markets By Julie S

Motorola unveils the super-cheap Moto G By  David Swan

Google’s Moto G to target price-conscious consumers in emerging markets by Ananda Majumdar

Google targets low-end smartphone market with Moto G. Alistair Barr and Ed Baig, USA TODAY

Motorola aims at new markets with Moto G smartphone, AFP

FB Jockeys for Inside Track in Wireless Industry, By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times

Why is Apple developing a curved screen? Michelle Clancy

Apple 'developing curved iPhone screens' By  Sophie Curtis

Twitter IPO blows through expectations on first day as stock almost doubles , By Tim Devaney The Washington Times

Gogo Offers Talk, Text via Wi-Fi at 10,000 Feet By Adam Dickter

Sprint is closer to striking with ultra-fast Spark , Brian Kaberline Editor- Kansas City Business

Blockbuster turning off the lights at its movie-rental stores By Tim Devaney The Washington Times

U.S. Cellular apologizes for billing problems, says company is ready for iPhone launch By Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel      

Apple Lifts Veil of Secrecy in Transparency Report By Kris Holt MacNewsWorld

T-Mobile's 'Un-Carrier' Strategy Pays Off, By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times

Los Angeles, City of Fiber-Optic Lights? By Rachelle Dragani TechNewsWorld,0,5248763.story?track=rss

BlackBerry buyout collapses, putting new pressure on it to remake itself By Andrea Chang

BlackBerry scenarios: A $3 stock price, a piecemeal sale, a rebirth Add to ... Michael Babad The Globe and Mail

BlackBerry calls off plan to sell itself; to replace CEO, raise $1 bn

New pressure on BlackBerry to remake itself . Analysts doubts whether latest shake-up would save the distressed company, By Andrea Chang

BlackBerry scraps sale process, names new CEO - Shanghai Daily

BlackBerry scraps search for buyer and ousts current CEO - AFP

Blackberry and Fairfax Deal Called Off; CEO 'Thorsten Heins Leaving Mobile Carrier - By Justin Stock

AT&T agrees to sell Brentwood data center, lease it back - Written by Getahn Ward The Tennessean

Baig: Latest BlackBerry upheaval is final nail, Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY,0,3417036.story#axzz2jhMaLHQo

BlackBerry shocker: Buyout deal falls apart; Heins out as CEO , By Andrea Chang

Analyst sees BlackBerry shares sinking to $3 as takeover deal collapses, Michael Babad The Globe and Mail

Update: BlackBerry ditches CEO and accepts $1bn loan brokered by Fairfax By Peter Sayer and Mikael Ricknas | IDG News Service

BlackBerry scraps search for buyer and ousts current CEO - AFP

Sprint's Spark Starts Flying By Rachelle Dragani

Can Sprint Spark a Comeback With Tri-Band Devices By Jennifer LeClaire

Ashton Kutcher Joins Lenovo, Keeps Day Job , By Kris Holt

Sprint Reaches for Greater Speeds By Jennifer LeClaire

Motorola Launches 'Have It Your Way' Smartphone Project

LG Reveals its New Curved Smartphone - LG G Flex

LG Introduces Caressable Smartphone - By Kris Holt

Radio Interview; With iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple chooses evolution over revolution, by David Weinberg Marketplace Tech for Monday

LG Announces G Flex – Its New Curved Smartphone - Michael Harper for Your Universe Online,20138347

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) New Line of Products Has Impress Its Critics

AT&T Rustles Up New Subscribers, Beats Street By Rachelle Dragani

Why Apple’s Mac software isn’t really free , Wall Street Journal MarketWatch By Quentin Fottrell

Can Verizon Help Obamacare Site Save Face? By Jennifer LeClaire

As Tablet and E-Reader Market Continues To Grow, Apple Loses Edge , Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

Target Takes Aim at Wal-Mart with Prepaid Mobile  By Jennifer LeClaire

Blackberry users consider switching to Microsoft by Matthew Jarvis

U.S. shutdown obscured rocky debut of ‘Obamacare’ by Martin De Montvalon AFP-JIJI

Target Takes Aim at Wal-Mart with Prepaid Mobile  By Jennifer LeClaire

How Long Will Verizon Be a Phone Company? By Jennifer LeClaire

New rules restrict telemarketing calls to your mobile , by Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Radio; Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Verizon Wireless Testing Same-Day Smartphone Delivery, By Jennifer LeClaire

Troubled telecoms: Alcatel-Lucent workers protest job cuts, chief warns company may go under By Lori Hinnant, The Associated Press

Twitter’s IPO generates buzz, skepticism By Tim Devaney The Washington Times

Why iPhone 5s Is Outselling iPhone 5c Two to One, By Jennifer LeClaire

Vonage Buys VoIP Firm Vocalocity In Effort To Crack SMB Market, By Tom Spring

T-Mobile ends roaming charges — you can too . How to skirt the hefty international fees — even on AT&T and Verizon.  

By Quentin Fottrell Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Aeroeo Streaming Media Start-Up Wins Court Battle Against Hearst TV Peter Suciu for – Your Universe Online

Cable One faces uphill battle with Turner over channels, cost

No More Secret Profiles, Says Facebook By Adam Dickter

Apple's US mobile surge may not translate to rest of the world By Paul Krill | InfoWorld By Bogdan Popa

Windows 8 Is Proof That Microsoft Wants to Innovate, Analyst Says

LG Jumps Out of the Box With Curvy Phone Displays, By Peter Suciu

A Breakup May Be on the Horizon for BlackBerry By  Matt Hamblen

Twitter's IPO Risks Include Ads, Users and Financial Losses By Sharon Gaudin

Obamacare Glitches: Enrollment Pain Blow to Program? By Lacy Langley

UA leads research on next-generation wireless ,By Ashley Powell Arizona Daily Star

Tech glitches add to Obamacare challenges by Rob Lever

Battle of the Fiber Internet: AT&T GigaPower vs. Google Fiber By Jennifer LeClaire

How IPO will change Twitter, By Quentin Fottrell

Launching Obamacare enrollment sites was an 'impossible task' By Julianne Pepitone  @julpepitone

Target Takes Aim At Wal-Mart with Prepaid Mobile By Jennifer LeClaire

FreedomPop Could Burst Big 4 Mobile Carriers' Bubble , By Enid Burns

AT&T Says 'Not So Fast, Google Fiber', By Jennifer LeClaire

Glitches stall US health care launch, AFP By Kerry Sheridan | AFP

Americans rush to register for Obamacare

The Trouble With Wireless Trade-In Programs , By Jonathan Berr, InvestorPlace

Dutch Designer Seeks A Smarter Smartphone That Will Last Forever

Report: Nokia Rolling Out Its First-Ever Tablet, By Jennifer LeClaire

Speculation heightens over Ford CEO Mulally's job plans , Karl Henkel The Detroit News

Dutch Designer Seeks A Smarter Smartphone That Will Last Forever By Antoine Blua

Smartphone trade-ins starting to hurt Apple and Samsung , By Julianne Pepitone

C Spire Wireless expanding high-speed Internet service, Written by Jeff Ayres

Aereo TV service on way to S.A., By Valentino Lucio, San Antonio Express

FAA Inches Down Runway to New In-Flight Gadget Rules , By Erika Morphy

What's next for BlackBerry? By Matt Hamblen

How Apple Really Set New iPhone Sales Records By Jennifer LeClaire

BlackBerry May Get to Juice Up in Private By Peter Suciu

Apple sets record, sells 9 million iPhones in 3 days Tokyo Times in Business, Technology

Apple sets new record for iPhones sales launch [Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates)]

Nine million smartphones sold by Apple in first three days Australian News.Net Monday 23rd September, 2013

Apple says sales of its new iPhone hit 9 million in three days

New iPhone Sells 9 Million Despite Security Fears by Clifford Peeples

Record breaking nine million Apple smartphones sold in three days Malaysia Sun

BlackBerry To Go Private Under $4.7 Billion Deal With Fairfax, By Sarah Kuranda

Apple has sold nine million of its new iPhone models in three days.

Apple sets new record for iPhones sales launch | By Agence France-Presse

BlackBerry Reports Nearly $1 Billion In Losses, Begins Layoffs, By Sarah Kuranda and Tom Spring

Blackberry to cut 4500 jobs, by AFP

White House Urges FCC to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking , By Erika Morphy , E-Commerce Times

BlackBerry Popular BBM Service Released To Rivals , By Tom Spring

Will IPO ruin Twitter? Wall Street Journal MarketWatch By Quentin Fottrell

Sprint's $100 discount for new customers drops iPhone 5c price to $0, By Matt Hamblen

Sprint 'One Ups' Competitors With Upgrade Plan, By Jennifer LeClaire

Nokia Acquisition News Causes Shares Drop for Microsoft

Twitter will try not to follow other social networks’ failures, By Tim Devaney

Gogo to Bring In-Flight Internet Up to Speed, By Rachelle Dragani

Fla. company's fingerprints all over iPhone security; USA Today, Courier Post iPhone

5s Impresses Some Reviewers, But Not All Analysts By Jennifer LeClaire 

Brevard company's fingerprints all over new iPhone security

New online service another disruption for cable TV, By LORI RACKL TV Critic

Nissan Drives Into Hyped Up Wearable Tech Space By Jennifer LeClaire

Who actually needs a Samsung smartwatch?

The Smartwatch: Because We Are Too Lazy to Pull Out Our Smartphone , By Daniel Nations,

A riot of color: Samsung's Galaxy Gear officially begins smartwatch war , By Catholic Online Catholic Online (

CNNJeff Kagan Op Ed on

Who needs a Samsung smartwatch anyway? By Jeff Kagan, Special to CNN  

September 4, 2013 -- Updated 1803 GMT (0203 HKT)

Samsung's smartwatch panned as a limited, 'overpriced toy' By Matt Hamblen | Computerworld US

Samsung's Galaxy Gear marks official start to smartwatch war. By Wilson Rothman, NBC News

Did Microsoft Buy Nokia Or CEO Stephen Elop? By Sarah Kuranda, CRN

Microsoft's new employee is a man of two reputations.  By Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News

Former Nokia CEO tipped as possible successor to Steve Ballmer , CBCCBC

Former Nokia CEO tipped as possible successor to Steve Ballmer . Canadian Stephen Elop helped secure Microsoft's expansion into mobile. CBC News

The wristwatch’s time isn’t up. Why Rolex is unconcerned about Samsung’s smartwatch. By Maria LaMagna, MarketWatch Wall Street Journal

Analysis: Can Nokia's sleek handsets power up Windows 8? Nancy Blair, Ed Baig, USA TODAY

Verizon to pay $130 billion to acquire all of Verizon Wireless from Vodafone , By Reuters

Verizon Finally Seals Deal To Buy Out Vodafone Stake , By Jennifer LeClaire,0,3581191.story

Verizon pays $130 billion to acquire all of Verizon Wireless from Vodafone, By Walter Hamilton,0,754314.story 

Verizon may be close to buying Vodafone's stake in wireless unit. By Chris O'Brien. LA Times

Verizon ties for first in J.D. Power wireless-quality    study. By Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

Will Vodafone Finally Sell Verizon Wireless Stake? By Jennifer LeClaire

US Internet Access May Be as Good as It Gets - By Rachelle Dragani

Comcast: The big engine that could. The media giant is a huge employer with an undeniable economic impact. But could it do more to be a driver of tech jobs? Critics think it can. Peter Key Reporter- Philadelphia Business Journal

AT&T Stadium. What’s in a name? Millions for the Dallas Cowboys. For the home of the Dallas Cowboys, it’s money, money, money . Candace Carlisle - Dallas Business Journal

10 things you can’t buy on Amazon. The online retailer sells (almost) everything.

Real Estate. Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Analysts Say Apple Trade-In Program is Smart Move , By Jennifer LeClaire

BlackBerry struggling for survival

Patents Deal Reveals More of Google By Adam Dickter

Microsoft's Ballmer 'Lost Touch With His Marketplace and Customer Base' , By Kelly Teal

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Retire Within 12 Months, By Ethan Rosenberg

Smart phone adoption helping narrow Internet access gap

Google Puts Waze Traffic Data on the Map, By Peter Suciu,0,800151.column

Rosenthal: Public won't buy simple gadgetry upgrades, tweaks. Chicago Tribune

Verizon Inks Deal to Take Wireless Service to NYC Subways , By Jennifer LeClaire

Nook Off the Hook: B&N Won't Kill Color Tablets , Adam Dickter

Apple iPhone Mysteries Revealed Sept. 10 By Jennifer LeClaire

Ultrabook Challenges the Tablet, By: Enid Burns | |

Nook price cut may not boost sales. Analysts say consumers are still skeptical of the e-reader’s future, By Maria LaMagna, MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal

Apple iPhone Mysteries Revealed Sept. 10 By Jennifer LeClaire

Analyst Jeff Kagan Says Samsung Galaxy S4 Not iPhone Killer, Posted by: Dave Gales

BlackBerry Evaluating Potential Buyout Offers By Seth Fitzgerald

BlackBerry Announces It's Ripe for the Picking. By Peter Suciu

Apple iPhone Mysteries Revealed Sept. 10 , By Jennifer LeClaire

Troubled BlackBerry eyes sale, other options , By Michel Comte , AFP

Apple-Samsung rivalry intensifies with September device launches , By Matt Hamblen

Troubled BlackBerry eyes sale, other options, By Agence France-Presse

Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone on AT&T Mobility

Commentary: You shouldn't have to spend more money on cable, By Tim Winter

T-Mobile Turns the Tide With Wave of New Customers, By Rachelle Dragani E-Commerce Times

Aereo in middle of CBS-Time Warner Cable blackout

'Un-carrier' T-Mobile Finds Its Marketing Mojo, By Jennifer LeClaire

All about image for Nokia as it unveils Lumia 1020, Neil Parmar

Will CBS Blackout Shake Up Cable Industry?, By Jennifer LeClaire

Aereo in middle of CBS-Time Warner Cable blackout, By Katie Lobosco CNNMoney

Google's Motorola unveils Android smartphone August 02, 2013 12:41 PM, by Glenn Chapman Agence France Presse

AT&T tops J.D. Power customer service rating for first time, Matt Hamblen

Samsung Bests Apple on Customer Satisfaction, By Enid Burns

Tampa Tribune: Commentary: Time to end the cable cartel

Surface RT's Spectacular Failure: 6 Million Sit Unsold, By Seth Fitzgerald

Oops: Ballmer Privately Talks of Tablet Missteps, By Adam Dickter

Google Buys Wave and 15 Other Companies, Forrest Rawls  

EDITORIAL: A la carte TV would be great, if it were 2003

AT&T joins competitors in offering home security Written by Annalisa Rodriguez

T-Mobile Throws 'Zero Down' Gauntlet, By Jennifer LeClaire

Is Samsung treading water until the Galaxy S5?, by Shannon Mullen Marketplace Tech

Verizon's Brand Reboot: Dead Droids Walking?, By Peter Suciu

Sprint Brings Wireless to NY Subway System, By Jennifer LeClaire

What’s behind the return of the 1980s cellphone , Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, By Quentin Fottrell

SIM Card Flaw Leaves 750 Million Phones at Risk, By Seth Fitzgerald

New HTC One Mini First Look 1 min ago by Techie News Release

EXCLUSIVE: Cable TV competition heats up across NKY

Analyst: Microsoft Should Keep Both Windows 7 and Windows 8

Nokia's Q2 Sales Plummet 24%, Hurt by Feature Phones, By Seth Fitzgerald

Upgrade Plans Are Latest Wireless Trend , by Aaron Baar, Yesterday, 3:37 PM

Taking Steps to Fight Piracy in Online Video , By Claudia Kienzle

AT&T feeling heat from revitalized Sprint , By TheStreet, Dana Blankenhorn, TheStreet

Faster upgrade plans like AT&T Next could be new frontier in wireless , Matt Hamblen (Computerworld (US))

Blackberry Launches in India

RADIO: Marissa Mayer's report card: Buy!, by Noel King, Marketplace Tech

AT&T Snaps Up Leap to Challenge Low-Cost Carriers, By Jennifer LeClaire

AT&T’s Leap bid marks next wave of US consolidation – analyst, by Ken Wieland

AT&T to pay hefty $1.2 billion for Leap in latest telco deal, By Jennifer Saba and Nicola Leske

AT&T To Buy Leap Wireless For $2.19B In An All-Cash Deal, By Sreeja VN

Research In Motion Ltd (BBRY) Should Go Back To Its BlackBerry Roots , By Michelle Jones

Picture the Lumia 1020 Helping Nokia Reinvent Itself , By Jennifer LeClaire

If Nook goes bust, will your e-books survive? Why Barnes & Noble’s tablet may soon be the Betamax of e-readersStories You Might Like. By Quentin Fottrell Wall Street Journal

Nokia's Lumia 1020: All Pixeled Up but Nowhere to Go? , By Peter Suciu

Elevating customer service to the next level

Next hot trend: Mini smartphones, Author: By Katie Lobosco

Nokia Buys Out Siemens Telecom Networking Joint Venture , By Jennifer LeClaire

Changes come soon for Insight’s customers as Time Warner completes takeover , By Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

Jones backs bill to control future monitoring , By Laura Finaldi

Nokia Buys Out Siemens Telecom Networking Joint Venture, By Jennifer LeClaire

With US 4G LTE Roll-Out Complete, Verizon Eyes Canada , By Jennifer LeClaire

Taking Steps to Fight Piracy in Online Video , By Claudia Kienzle

BlackBerry comeback looking bleak, analysts say,0,4868999.story

BlackBerry shares plummet 26% after posting unexpected loss, By Andrea Chang LA Times

Uncertain future for BlackBerry as new BlackBerry 10 fails to sizzle news

BlackBerry posts surprise loss

Verizon May Acquire Two Canadian Telecom Companies and Become a Key Player in Canadian Market , By Ed Silverstein, TMCnet Contributor

Changes come soon for Insight's customers as Time Warner completes takeover

BlackBerry Sales Up, But Not Enough To Stop the Bleeding , By Jennifer LeClaire

Baig: Prospects look grim for BlackBerry. Ed Baig, USA TODAY 10:35 a.m. EDT June 28, 2013

BlackBerry posts surprise loss, AAP June 29, 2013 12:35AM

BlackBerry posts surprise loss, shares plunge

BlackBerry posts surprise loss

BlackBerry Shares Tank 23 Percent on Dismal Earnings, by Andrew Berg

BlackBerry posts surprise loss, shares plunge, By Agence France-Presse

Changes come soon for Insight’s customers as Time Warner completes takeover , By Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

The Entrepreneur Who Will Change Your Mobile Phone Bill , David Morken, Republic Wireless CEO, by David Port | June 28, 2013|

With US 4G LTE Roll-Out Complete, Verizon Eyes Canada , By Jennifer LeClaire

The Street: Verizon Bidding for Wind Mobile, TV INTERVIEW, BNN Business News Network,

RADIO: Will a Softbank-Sprint deal lower mobile phone prices? Interview by David Brancaccio Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, June 26, 2013,0,409365.story

Sprint shareholders approve takeover by Japan's SoftBank , By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times

Sprint shareholders accept SoftBank's Ł13.9bn takeover

Sprint shareholders accept SoftBank's Ł13.9bn takeover ,  3 hours ago |By

Sprint shareholders approve takeover by Japan's SoftBank

CenturyLink Extends PRISM TV Service Into Omaha . By Karl Bode 3 hours ago tags: dsl · Video · competition · business · alternatives · bandwidth · content · consumers

Tech Analyst Cheers AT&T Decision to Locate Newest Foundry in Atlanta , By Chip Rogers Posted June 25, 2013 11:16am (EDT)

AT&T Plans Research Facilities for Atlanta, Dallas, by Andrew Berg;S&ticker=S

New Sprint bid for Clearwire may end battle. Mark Davis. [The Kansas City Star]

Here we go again! Facebook Phone rumors reignite . Sharon Gaudin (Computerworld (US))

What if Microsoft Did Buy Nokia After All? By Jennifer LeClaire

Firefox OS: Will Mozilla's Secret Sauce Be Enough? By Dietrich T. Schmitz LinuxInsider

WSJ: Microsoft explored deal for acquisition of Nokia’s device business. Submitted by Sebastian Kiesl

Microsoft & Nokia talked acquisition, report suggests , By Zach Miners | IDG News Service

Dish drops Sprint bid, to fight instead for Clearwire. By Annie Z. Yu - The Washington Times

Dish Drops Its Pursuit of Sprint, Clearing Way for SoftBank. By Jennifer LeClaire

Report: Microsoft and Nokia talked acquisition, 19.06.2013, von Zach Miners

Microsoft, Facebook Tell of Thousands of Security Requests , By Jennifer LeClaire

X2 Marks the Spot for Comcast's Cloud TV Initiative , By John P. Mello Jr.

Google buys Waze and puts the squeeze on Facebook and Apple , By Sharon Gaudin

Would SoftBank deal be good for Sprint customers?, By Quentin Fottrell Wall Street Journal

Google Buys Waze, Speeds Up Mapping Race Vs. Apple, By KEVIN SHALVEY, INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY

Report: Google to Acquire Waze to Help Improve Maps Services , By Greg Otto

Google grabs maps app Waze in billion-dollar deal , AFP By Sophie Estienne | AFP

Google to buy maps app Waze

Sprint Leans Toward Sweeter Softbank Offer , By Rachelle Dragani

CenturyLink launches cable-TV alternative , By Barbara Soderlin / World-Herald staff writer

CenturyLink moves into Prism TV 'soft launch' in Omaha . Telco is ready to compete with cable in television market , By Jim Barthold

Will BlackBerry Fans Flock to the Q10 and Its Keyboard?, By Jennifer LeClaire

Will BlackBerry Fans Flock to the Q10 and Its Keyboard? , By Jennifer LeClaire

Exploring The New Frontier Of Mobile Technology , By Milja Gillespie

U.S. Says Tracking Verizon Call Data Is 'A Critical Tool', By Adam Dickter

Verizon’s Business Not Likely To Be Impacted By NSA Revelation

The BlackBerry keyboard returns … but is it too late?, Rosa Golijan,  NBC News

FreedomPop to roll out free mobile voice service , John P. Mello Jr.@jpmello

The future of Overland Park based Sprint/Nextel is still uncertain (Radio interview)

Windows Phone, iOS Outpace Android , By Enid Burns , E-Commerce Times

T-Mobile first to sell BlackBerry Q10 qwerty in stores, starting June 5, By Matt Hamblen | Computerworld US

Google Offers a New Bag of Gmail Sorting Tricks , By Rachelle Dragani

Sprint-SoftBank Merger Passes Key Regulatory Hurdle , By Jennifer LeClaire

Samsung Lights a Match for New Innovation Trail , By Peter Suciu

Sprint deal with Japanese company raises security issues. Dish Network gets nasty over suitor with ties to China. By Annie Z. Yu - The Washington Times

AT&T boosts LTE service in Northwest suburbs

Facebook Scrubs European Launch of Home, HTC First , By Erika Morphy

Sprint suitor addresses cybersecurity concerns , By MARK DAVIS

Sprint sweetens offer for Clearwire, says it will negotiate with Dish Network

Jennifer Lopez Launches Viva Movil, Her Own Mobile Retail Brand with Verizon Wireless, Posted by Mark J. Miller,0,6906671.story

Jennifer Lopez, Verizon team up to launch mobile brand Viva Movil , By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times

SoftBank sweetens its Sprint pitch, offers U.S. veto power over board member: Report (Radio interview) , by David Gura

Clearwire Board Gives Nod to Sweeter Sprint Bid , By Rachelle Dragani

Tech Analyst: Let’s Hope Blue Can Save Windows 8

Sprint sweetens offer for Clearwire, says it will negotiate with Dish Network , By MARK DAVIS, The Kansas City Star

Generation cashless , Google Wallet still lags behind Paypal in terms of brand awareness and use, but smartphone transactions will become the new normal with the younger generation.

Consumer Satisfaction for iPhone Drops as Rivals Gain , By Adam Dickter

Yahoo pledges ‘not to screw up’ Tumblr , Tim Devaney The Washington Times

Texting while driving? There's an app to stop that (Radio interview)

AT&T and other mobile carriers are uniting to help prevent teens from texting while driving. By Sally Herships, Marketplace

Jolla Floats 1st Sailfish Smartphone , By Peter Suciu, TechNewsWorld

AT&T runs disaster drill , Luther Turmelle

Facebook boosts earnings but is not resting on laurels

Facebook outlook still muddled one year after IPO , AFP

Google Wallet: Gen Y credit card? , Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, By Quentin Fottrell

VMware, Verizon Split Mobile Personalities

Samsung 5G Network to Work Like Wireless Google Fiber

Samsung announces plan to roll out 5G technology , Television interview , David Louie, SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO)

McCain's bold plan to force cable TV to offer a-la-carte pricing, Jeff Gelles, Inquirer Business Columnist

Samsung to Blaze 5G Wireless Trail by 2020 , By Peter Suciu

ESPN May Give Its Wireless Users an Assist , By Rachelle Dragani

AT&T's Answer to T-Mobile: Budget Brand Aio Wireless , By Jennifer LeClaire

Microsoft plans Windows 8 update, sales touch 100m [Times of Oman]

Windows 8 Was Too Innovative for Many Users, Analyst Explains

Exploring The New Frontier Of Mobile Technology, By Milja Gillespie

AT&T offers iPhone 5 through pre-paid Aio Wireless , By Matt Hamblen

Bill would allow consumers to pick and choose cable channels (Fox News, TV and Radio)

Amazon's 3D Phone Could Simply Be a Wonder to Behold

Samsung TV upgrade kit costs $300 (and that 85-inch UHD TV costs $40K!)

FCC Plan Seeks More and Better Airline Wi-Fi Connections

Amazon's 3D Phone Could Simply Be a Wonder to Behold , By Peter Suciu TechNewsWorld

AT&T Launches Pre-Paid Contract-Free Aio Wireless In Texas and Florida , by Lisa Eadicicco, Staff Writer

T-Mobile Sells 500,000 iPhones in Just Weeks , By Jennifer LeClaire

T-Mobile Enjoys Strong but Limited iPhone 5 Q1 Bounce , By Enid Burns

AT&T's Answer to T-Mobile: Budget Brand Aio Wireless, By Jennifer LeClaire

5 software upgrades that flopped. Microsoft’s Windows 8 is just the latest update to annoy users. By Quentin Fottrell, Wall Street Journal

Tablet Market Up 142%, Defies BlackBerry CEO's Prediction

Microsoft reboots Windows 8 after mixed reception, By Agence France-Presse

Windows 8 fixes are on the way , By David Goldman  @DavidGoldmanCNN

Tablet Market Up 142%, Defies BlackBerry CEO's Prediction

Wall Street Gives New T-Mobile Thumbs-up, By Peter Suciu

T-Mobile, MetroPCS Are Now One Stronger Carrier, By Jennifer LeClaire

'Dual personality' could morph into Jekyll and Hyde for Samsung and BlackBerry , Matt Hamblen (Computerworld (US)

Tablets to Become Irrelevant in Five Years, Says BlackBerry CEO, Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

BlackBerry's Heins Gives Tablets Five Years to Live, By Peter Suciu

Court Rules T-Mobile's 'No Contract' Claim Deceptive, By Jennifer LeClaire

AT&T Digital Life To Offer Home Security, Automation, Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

Expectations High as Apple Plans WWDC, By Adam Dickter

Q1 Wireless Gains Can't Help AT&T Chase Down Verizon, By Rachelle Dragani

Big Data velocity: Now is the time, By Mary Shacklett

Digital boom requires network expansion

Verizon May Have Finagled a Less Taxing Way to Buy Out Vodafone, By Peter Suciu

More ads on iPhone than Android. Advertisers prefer to target Apple users, a new survey finds, By Quentin Fottrell Wall Street Journal

Wireless, cable companies can’t rest when it comes to network upgrades, By Kristi Swartz

What is Dish thinking with Sprint offer? By David Goldman @CNNMoney

Facebook, Attorneys General Push Teen Online Safety, By Adam Dickter

Texting Instead of Talking Helps Keep Lines Open in a Disaster, By Peter Suciu TechNewsWorld

Verizon Pushes Value Message with $35 Prepaid Plan, By Jennifer LeClaire

Quarter promising for stocks of local interest, By David Falchek (Staff Writer)

Windows 8 judged a flop as PC savior , By Tim Devaney, The Washington Times

Wall Street Beat: Weak PC Sales Rain on Tech Stocks' Parade , By Marc Ferranti

New RIM security software a sign BlackBerry is over?, Wilson Rothman, NBC News

Pandora Now Claims 200 Million Music Streamers, By Adam Dickter

Aereo's plans to expand TV streaming service unfazed by conflicting federal court rulings, John P. Mello Jr.@jpmello

Facebook Home Will Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Ads, By Enid Burns

Facebook Home goes after mobile market with 'ferocity' , By Sharon Gaudin

Hello, Facebook phone? Social network's 'new Home on Android' revealed today, By Rosa Golijan, NBC News

Samsung to have stores within Best Buy stores, Written by Jeff Ayres

 Why Apple’s new iPhone can’t lose; as with all iPhones, next-gen likely to become best-selling smartphone of all time

 Update: Facebook unveils Android Home screen and app family , By Sharon Gaudin

Samsung to Hang Its Shingle Inside Best Buy, By Enid Burns

Facebook reveals Home launcher for Android, Wilson Rothman and Rosa Golijan, NBC News

One Ring to Rule iTV?, By Rachelle Dragani

Why Apple’s new iPhone can’t lose; as with all iPhones, next-gen likely to become best-selling smartphone of all time

Update: Facebook unveils Android Home screen and app family . Facebook isn_t building its own phone, but it wants to make yours more social. By Sharon Gaudin

Why the new iPhone can’t lose, By Quentin Fottrell, Wall Street Journal

FTC Sees Hope in Crowdsourced Anti-Robocall Proposals, By Jennifer LeClaire

Facebook speculation turns to launcher, HTC partnership , By Sharon Gaudin

Comcast doubles speed on Internet, Written by Jeff Ayres

Dish Network to hire 90 at Hilliard call center, By Tim Feran

OMG: 1 of Every 2 Adult Drivers Is Texting, AT&T Says, By Adam Dickter

BlackBerry's Q4 Black Ink Bewilders Wall Street, By Peter Suciu , E-Commerce Times

Mobiles Online-Banking in den USA immer beliebter

Consumer Using Phones to Bank, but Not Buy. By Eric Morath, Wall Street Journal

Acquisition Could Chart a New Course for Apple Maps, By Rachelle Dragani , MacNewsWorld

Dissecting T-Mobile's 'uncarrier-like' plans, By Matt Hamblen

T-Mobile touts iPhone 5, flexible plan

T-Mobile kills off contracts, simplifies plans, Devin Coldewey, NBC News

Apple Takes the Maps Fight Inside, By Peter Suciu, MacNewsWorld

Cable companies push to break up forced bundles, By The Washington Post .

#HappyBirthday! Twitter and 7 years of transformation , By Sharon Gaudin

Amazon Rolling Out 'Send To Kindle' Button for Web Sites, By Adam Dickter

Verizon, Cablevision emerge as unlikely allies of cable-TV customers fed up with bundling, By Cecilia Kang,

Samsung TV upgrade kit costs $300 (and that 85-inch UHD TV costs $40K!). Samsung held an event Wednesday in New York to announce TV-related news both big and small. Wilson Rothman, NBC News

Comcast boosts Internet speeds in Bay Area, By Troy Wolverton, San Jose Mercury News

How to switch between Samsung and Apple . Why neither company makes it easy to say goodbye. Wall Street Journal, by Quentin Fottrell

BlackBerry CEO on Apple: What We Have Here Is a Failure to Innovate, By Peter Suciu

Verizon's revamped fees could lead to a la carte programming, John P. Mello Jr.@jpmello

Analyst Jeff Kagan Says Samsung Galaxy S4 Not iPhone Killer, Dave Gales in Latest Gadget News, Mobile Phones

Samsung Intensifies Share Wars With Galaxy S4 Launch, By Joseph Palenchar

Samsung resale prices rival iPhone’s, Apple devices are no longer the only ones that retain their value, Quentin Fottrell

Shake-ups at Google continue as another exec steps aside

Samsung unveils champion in smartphone war

Google's Rubin steps down as Android chief . Move could hint at a combination of Chrome and Android , By Sandhya Raman

T-Mobile Deal's Fate Now in MetroPCS Investors' Hands, By Rachelle Dragani

Addressing Android's fragmentation seen as first job for Google's Pichai, The Google executive needs to rein in the OS if Google is to see further success, say analysts

MetroPCS Says T-Mobile Deal Now in Shareholders' Hands, By Adam Dickter

Just In Time For Spring, BlackBerry Z10 Lands March 22, Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

BlackBerry Z10 May Arrive With a Lot of ZZZs, By Peter Suciu

Prices on the rise for some Bright House customers, Written by Wayne T. Price

The end of area codes: Why (212) won't mean anything, David Weinberg

Analyst: Tone of T-Mo's Latest Antics Could Backfire, By Andrew Berg

MetroPCS Says T-Mobile Deal Now in Shareholders' Hands, By Adam Dickter

Sinking Stock May Signal End to Apple's Glory Days, By Rachelle Dragani

Rumored Specs, Tantalizing Ad Fuel Galaxy S IV Launch Excitement, By Peter Suciu

Judge slashes $1 bn Samsung-Apple penalty in half, (AFP)

Why cable TV bills are only going up, Quentin Fottrell, Wall Street Journal

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 Takes a Poke at iPad Mini, By Peter Suciu

Genband and Samsung Team Up for Enterprise-Grade Tablets

Replacing Copper With Gold

Average computer users need to be on their guard for hackers, too, By Tim Devaney The Washington Times

Yahoo starts revamp with updated homepage. CEO Marissa Mayer shows off 'infinite' and social news feeds, and bolder look, By Sharon Gaudin

Yahoo! gets Marissa Mayer make-over

Google may be considering retail stores , By Sharon Gaudin

Used, unwanted cellphones can get you cash, Michelle Basch,

Consumers sitting on $9 billion in old iPhones , By Quentin Fottrell, The Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Lets Skypers Leave Face Mail , By Peter Suciu

Intel Chips In With Its Own Web TV Service, By John P. Mello Jr.

'Chip' Marketed as Protection from Cell Phone Radiation, By Adam Dickter

Telling the Time May Be Apple's Next Big Thing, By Rachelle Dragani

A Leadership Shakeup Occurs at Alcatel-Lucent, By Leonard Klie

HP Looks to Limit Student Labor in China, By Peter Suciu

Verwaayen Leaves ALU Amid $1.8 Billion Loss in 2012, by Andrew Berg

Dell going private to reinvent itself . Founder aiding a shift to tablets, smartphones, By Tim Devaney The Washington Times

Windstream Closings 'Make Sense,' But Could Mean 'New Problems' , By Craig Galbraith,0,1124634,full.story

Comcast, Verizon say no thanks to Lehigh Valley expansion , By Patrick Lester, Of The Morning Call

Softbank buy of Sprint hits US security concerns

How To Avoid Phishing: 8 Tips To Protecting Your Digital Identity, By Lisa Eadicicco

Is the Time Ripe for BlackBerry?, By Enid Burns

Washington asks for delay in Sprint takeover

BlackBerry 10 Finally Unveiled, John Biers

Rebranded BlackBerry launches comeback effort, By Agence France-Presse

BlackBerry reboots, rebrands in bid to reinvent

BlackBerry's last hope: A fully redesigned OS and two smokin' new phones , Rosa Golijan, NBC News

DoJ Tosses Monkey Wrench Into Sprint-Softbank Merger Plans, By John P. Mello Jr.

Washington asks for delay in Sprint takeover growing by tapping community of crafters

RIM Opens The Door On Licensing Or Hardware Sale , Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

The Mad Scramble for Spectrum, Erika Morphy, Contributor

Apple Stock Tanks Despite Record-Busting Sales By Rachelle Dragani

AT&T fait moins bien que prévu en 2012

Apple erzielt Rekorde und enttäuscht trotzdem

Facebook lanza su propio buscador para consultar contenidos de amigos, Por Glenn CHAPMAN (AFP) – 15/01/2013

Google X phone, tablet spur speculation, By Sharon Gaudin

Aw, poor Verizon: Fights iPhone subsidy by raising cell bills 6.6%, By GARETT SLOANE

RIM May Scotch BlackBerry Hardware, By Peter Suciu

AT&T European rumours start

Will Amazon push Apple to lower music prices? By Quentin Fottrell Wall Street Journal

Facebook's new 'Graph Search' could be social game changer, By Sharon Gaudin

Facebook turns up the heat on Google Search, By Sharon Gaudin

Report: AT&T Considering Overseas Acquisition, by Andrew Berg , By AFP, Updated: 15/01/2013

Facebook launches search engine for friends' content

Wall Street Beat: PCs flag as smartphones provide sparks

Facebook ramps up social network search power, by Glenn Chapman, Agence France-Presse

Investors Unnerved by Apple Stock Slide, By Rachelle Dragani

DeleteMe Mobile App Helps Keep Data Brokers at Bay, By Enid Burns

Facebook has valley betting on big news tomorrow, Jon Swartz, USA TODAY

Smartphones spark tech sales, while Windows 8 struggles, By Marc Ferranti, IDG News Service

Facebook Announcement Stirs More Handset Speculation, by Andrew Berg

Wall Street Beat: PCs flag as smartphones provide sparks , Smartphones boost Nokia, Samsung fortunes but PC sales drag , Marc Ferranti (IDG News Service)

Dish Makes Bid to Run Away With Clearwire

Canonical Shakes Up Mobile with Ubuntu for Phones

Dish Jumps in With Unsolicited, $3.30 Per Share Offer for Clearwire, By Ben Munson

Can MVNOs help peel the cap off Big Data?, By Ben Munson, Wireless Week

AT&T Makes Video-Streaming Splash, By Erika Morphy

Share of Jelly Bean Android Devices Rises to 10.2%

nTelos holding its own in competitive industry

10 Things I Hate About CES (but I'm Going Anyway) , By Peter Suciu

Will Social Media Replace Text Messaging? Analysts Speak Out On The Nation’s First Decline In SMS Messaging, BY Lisa Eadicicco

Verizon says it fixed network problem

Those Spicy Snapchat Vids Don't Self-Destruct

Clearwire Agrees to Sprint Takeover

Your tech gift: Keep it or return it? Which tech gifts are worth owning – and which aren’t? Wall Street Journal, Quentin Fottrell

Launches expected at the CES 2013 ,

Can Google Apps Crumble Microsoft's Office Foundation?

Will Social Media Replace Text Messaging? Analysts Speak Out On The Nation’s First Decline In SMS Messaging

Google Unloads Motorola Set-Top Business

Tim Cook Named TIME Person of the Year Runner-Up

Walmart Cuts Prices on iPhone 5 Amid Lower Projections

RIM Hustles as Day of Reckoning Looms

Foursquare Partnership May Give Apple a Route to Maps Success

Samsung Shows Signs of Softening in Smartphone Tug of War

A New Focus on Cybersecurity

Sprint's Clearwire acquisition could signal move towards data, Wall Street Journal

Clearwire board agrees to Sprint's $2.2 billion offer

Sprint Seals Deal to Buy 100 Percent of Clearwire

Softbank Caps Sprint's Bid for Clearwire; Investors Ask for More, by Ben Munson

Google Maps’ billion-dollar bite at Apple - Wall Street Journal

New Google Maps App Lights a Beacon in iOS Darkness

C Spire Declares 2012 as the Year of “You”; Company Looks Back on Record Year of Progress on Wireless Personalization

Sprint Officially Offers to Buy Clearwire

C Spire Declares 2012 as the Year of “You”; Company Looks Back on Record Year of Progress on Wireless Personalization

Burst of Loyalty Could Sew Up US Market for Samsung

FreedomPop Dishes Up Free Data in Broadband Offensive

FreedomPop Offers Free And Low Cost Home Broadband Internet

FCC to FAA: Let's Get Real About Device Use on Planes

Google May Give Motorola's Set-Top Boxes a New Home

Judge Pleads for Peace as Apple, Samsung Hairpulling Resumes

T-Mobile Turn Around: iPhone Is In, Contracts Are Out

US May Not Have the Muscle to Stop Internet Rule-Making

IDC Sees Overall Slow Phone Growth, But Smartphone Boom Continues

CR's Cellphone Service Rankings May Help Businesses More Than Consumers , By Erika Morphy

Cable company has 50 jobs to fill here. Business-services unit grows at Time Warner. By Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

AT&T aiming to build up Northwest service, Installs cell towers near Oro Valley and in the Dove Mountain area, Phil Villarreal Arizona Daily Star

Google Puts Huge Files in Gmail/Drive's Cargo Bay , By Rachelle Dragani

Samsung Leans on Suppliers to Fix Labor Issues , By Peter Suciu

AT&T’s 4G rollout here helps heavy data users, By  Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

Intel CEO decides to call it a day, announces retirement , By Stephan Lourens  

Intel to seek new CEO, Otellini to retire in May , By Sophie Estienne (AFP)

Intel change de patron au moment oů il tente de s'affranchir de l'čre du PC, De Sophie ESTIENNE (AFP)

Twitterverse Expands with New E-Mailing Option, By Adam Dickter

Microsoft's Sinofsky Episode: Reading Between the Lines, By Peter Suciu

The decline and fall of the text message, By Quentin Fottrell, Wall Street Journal

Following default, Revol's new owners revel in growth plan

AT&T to Start Hawking Samsung Galaxy Camera, By Enid Burns

Strange Days for RIM as Long Countdown to BB10 Begins , By Peter Suciu

Research In Motion Will Debut Blackberry 10 In January 2013 , Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

Apple, HTC Resolve Patent Dispute with Licensing Agreement ,

HTC Settle All Patent Disputes, Joseph Palenchar

BlackBerry 10's US Security Clearance Is a Lock

Slippery Statistics Suggest Online Piracy Is on the Wane

Sprint Snatches Midwest Spectrum

Ad, Content Combo Lifts AOL to Profit in Q3

AT&T to Plow More Billions Into Spectrum Hunt

That Was Easy: Staples and Amazon in Locker Pickup Deal

Microsoft's Hitting the Hard Stuff

Cook Mixes a New Apple Brew, By Peter Suciu, MacNewsWorld

Utilities bring in help from outside to battle outages , By Jeff Gelles Inquirer Staff Writer

US data, telecom networks face storm test , AFPOctober 30, 2012, 8:32 am

Hurricane Sandy puts at risk US data centres: A lifeline to Web , By Daniel Clark

Microsoft Windows 8 - All or Nothing? Sydney Morning Herald

Clearwire Halves June LTE Plans as Growth Falters,

Microsoft sees Windows 8 as opening, By Tim Devaney , The Washington Times

Microsoft goes mobile with Windows 8, new tablet

Windows 8 Confronts Apple's Mousy Desktop , By Adam Dickter

Analysts: Apple iPad Mini Will Cannibalize Bigger Brothers, By Todd Spangler, Multichannel News -- Broadcasting & Cable

Microsoft unveils 'reimagined' Windows 8 and new tablet

Microsoft goes mobile with Windows 8, new tablet, by Sophie Estienne

It's a Hard-Knock Life, so Far, for Microsoft Surface, By Peter Suciu, TechNewsWorld

Apple Surprises With iPad Mini And 4th-Gen iPad , By Joseph Palenchar,1

Apple unveils iPad Mini

Taking aim at rivals, Apple unveils iPad mini , By Glenn Chapman (AFP) – 7 hours ago

Apple iPad Mini Will Cannibalize Bigger Brothers: Analysts , By: Todd Spangler

Investors Give Mayer Vote of Confidence After Earnings Win , By Rachelle Dragani

Sprint to Buy McCaw’s Stake in Clearwire Before Softbank, By Serena Saitto - Oct 18, 2012 4:11 PM ET

AOL's Alto Aims to Tidy Up Email Clutter, By Rachelle Dragani

Earnings Surprise Hits Google Stock, By Adam Dickter

Sprint buys McCaw's stake in Clearwire

FTC Offers $50,000 for Solution To Stop Robocalls, By Jennifer LeClaire

The Sydney Morning Herald,0,4236921.story

Sprint buys stake in Clearwire ,

SoftBank-Sprint deal not a regulatory slam-dunk , By Matt Hamblen | Computerworld US

Sprint's shotgun marriage to Softbank. The telecom giant has been stuck in a weak third place behind AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Will this new deal gain it some ground? By Jonathan Berr

AUDIO: How will Softbank deal impact Sprint customers? How will the deal between Japan's Softbank and Sprint Nextel affect Sprint customers? One analyst, Jeff Kagan of Jeff, talks with MarketWatch Radio's Joan Doniger in Money, Markets and More.

Softbank could play Sprint's savior, By David Goldman @CNNMoneyTech

Sprint Confirms Acquisition Discussions With Softbank, By Joseph Palenchar

Sprint confirms it is in talks with Japanese carrier Softbank Deal would give Japanese carrier a majority interest in Sprint; analysts call it a good fit, By Matt Hamblen

Sprint confirms deal talks with SoftBank

Softbank Billions Could Put Sprint Back in the Game, By Peter Suciu

Can an Acquisition by Softbank Cure What Ails Struggling Sprint?, By Jennifer LeClaire

2 New Slingboxes Give TV Junkies Anytime, Anywhere Fix, By Peter Suciu

Samsung 'Mini' Galaxy S III To Launch in Europe, By Adam Dickter

Google Gnaws Away at TV Cords With New Content Service, By Erika Morphy

Sprint Wants To Make You a Star, But Will You Care?, By Jennifer LeClaire

Why Apple wants to shrink the iPad, Wall Street Journal, Quentin Fottrell

C Spire's content discovery tool SCOUT passes 110K downloads, By Sandhya Raman

T-Mobile-Sprint csörte a MetroPCS felvásárlásáért?, Dávid Imre

Sprint considering outbidding T-Mobile for MetroPCS, reports say, By Grant Gross


C Spire Wireless Marks One Year Anniversary of Personalized Wireless and New Brand

Analysis: AT&T and Comcast to join forces, NPR All Things Considered

Apple without Steve Jobs: The journey so far, Surbhi Chawla

T-Mobile, MetroPCS hookup begins call to battle, By Marie Szaniszlo

T-Mobile strengthens US position with MetroPCS, by Abdul Ahad

RIM Updates PlayBook Tablet, But Will It Save Company? Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

RIM Brushes Up PlayBook, By Peter Suciu

MetroPCS Deal Could Change the Game for T-Mobile, By Erika Morphy

RIM beklenenden iyi durumda, Bayram Orhun Ergül, Dün 17:45

T-Mobile USA to merge with US carrier MetroPCS, By Agence France-Presse

T-Mobile and MetroPCS to combine in US

T-Mobile USA to merge with US carrier MetroPCS, By Sophie Estienne (AFP) – 21 minutes ago

Are Big Thumbs Upping Ad Clicks?, By Quentin Fottrell, Smart Money, Wall Street Journal

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pulled Out of the Fry Pan, iPhone 5 Tossed Into the Fire

iPhone 5 To Help Spur Q4 Smartphones To Record High, By Joseph Palenchar

Can Apple Get By With 'Nobody's Perfect' Defense?

FCC Chips Away at Spectrum Problem With Incentive Auction Plan, By Erika Morphy, E-Commerce Times

A Bevy of Tablets Take Intel's Clover Trail, By Peter Suciu, TechNewsWorld

RIM reassures, woos BlackBerry 10 developers . Humorous video aims to woo developers making apps for new smartphones set to launch in first quarter of 2013. By Matt Hamblen

BlackBerry maker RIM posts $235 mn loss, (AFP) – 1 hour ago

Update: RIM posts Q2 loss of $235M, beats expectations, Analysts say results are not as bad as they could have been , By Matt Hamblen

Barnes & Noble Brings Out New Nook HD Tablets To Compete With Kindle, Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

Is the iPad Too Heavy? By Quentin Fottrell, SmartMoney Blogs, Wall Street Journal

RIM Stock Jumps on Subscriber Numbers, BB 10 Update, By Andrew Berg

Heins Stokes BlackBerry Embers, By Erika Morphy , E-Commerce Times

RIM reassures, woos BlackBerry 10 developers: Humorous video aims to woo developers making apps for new smartphones set to launch in first quarter of 2013 , By Matt Hamblen

iPhone 5 Could Be the Last of the Red-Hot iPhones, By Peter Suciu, MacNewsWorld

Thursday football now on cable TV, Valentino Luci, Express-News

At Maine Mall, all lines lead to iPhone 5, By Jessica Hall

The facts behinds the iPhone 5's LTE. Marketplace by American Public Media

Apple gets record 2 million   iPhone 5 orders

Mobile users pushing Verizon, AT&T for unlimited data plans, by Will C. Holden

Will the iPhone 5 fail without LTE wireless capabilities? by Matt Hamblen

Apple Announces the iPhone 5 (AFP)

Apple Unveils iPhone 5 With Larger Display and 4G, By Enid Burns

Facebook “Now a Mobile Company” After IPO Disaster; YouTube Rolls Out New App for iPhone

Zuckerberg eyes mobile after Facebook flop, AAP

YouTube Spiffs Up Its App on Eve of iPhone Launch

Sprint Steps on the Gas With 4G Expansion, By Erika Morphy

Nokia Muddies Lumia's Image With Faked Footage, By Peter Suciu

Does the iPhone 5 need LTE wireless to succeed?

Limited LTE network coverage could hurt iPhone 5 sales, says one analyst, while another says customers won't care

By Matt Hamblen

Connecticut cell carriers duel over network speeds, Luther Turmelle, North Bureau Chief

Comcast’s cable rates rise for second time this year, By Arielle Kass

C Spire launches 4G LTE: Communities to receive service in stages, Written by Jeff Ayres,0,6431645,full.story

South Florida has a wild mix of area codes, By Johnny Diaz

Amazon's Paperwhite Lets Avid Readers See the Light

Analysts: Apple Needs to Rethink Its TV Strategy, By John P. Mello Jr. , MacNewsWorld

Amazon takes on iPad with new Kindle Fire tablet

Living by the code: With its hodgepodge of transplants, South Florida has a mad mix of area codes.

Nokia Charges Into Smartphone Market With Look-at-Me Lumias

Jeff Gelles: With Apple's iPhone 5 in wings, competitors make pitches

Nokia Pumps Up Lumia's Volume With US Music Launch

Tablet, Amazon prepara la sfida ad Apple e Google

Amazon Heats Up Gadget Wars, By GREG BENSINGER, Wall Street Journal

Blackout looming in dispute between WNEP, DirecTV, By David Falchek

Time Warner Pours $25M Into NYC Fiber Project, By Erika Morphy

Netflix Users’ Objections and 4 Media Titans Making Waves, By Leah Powell

Apple vs. Samsung: There Will Be More Blood, By Rachelle Dragani , MacNewsWorld

Google home page now a billboard , Quentin Fottrell

SmartMoney Blogs: Google Turns Its Home Page Into a Billboard , By Quentin Fottrell

Apple Asks Judge to Block Sales of 8 Samsung Devices ,

Preston Gralla: Lawyers are taking the tech crown from engineers, Preston Gralla (Computerworld (US))

Apple Moves In Against Samsung After Court Ruling, By Anthony Silva, WBZ NewsRadio 1030 r

Motorola Mobility workers wary of Google , By Matt Hamblen

Decision in SK Apple-Samsung Case Could Mold the Shape of Verdicts to Come, By Peter Suciu, MacNewsWorld

AT&T Opens Net Neutrality Can of Worms over FaceTime, By Jennifer LeClaire

FCC Report Finds 19 Million Internet Have-Nots, By Erika Morphy, TechNewsWorld

T-Mobile Dials Up Unlimited Data Plans, By Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times

Building new channels for the data flood, By Kirk Ladendorf

A code to live by, but often not in. Area codes now a matter of taste, more than place, By Beth Teitell, Globe Staff

FCC ensures Verizon’s Comcast deal is better for competitive marketplace

DoJ Gives Verizon Spectrum Deal a Yes, But ... By Rachelle Dragani, E-Commerce Times

Facebook dips its toe in online gambling waters, By Tim Devaney, The Washington Times

Google May Slough Off Big Chunk of Motorola Workforce, By Peter Suciu

How Motorola Patents Gain Prominence Amid Job Cuts; Google Accused Of Valuing Patents More Than People, By Valli Meenakshi Ramanathan: Subscribe to Valli's RSS feed

Job cuts renew fears that Motorola's patents matter most to Google

But Motorola also has a long-term commitment to advanced technology, By Matt Hamblen

Google May Slough Off Big Chunk of Motorola Workforce, By Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times

Moto’s cut workforce could suspend its state tax incentives , By Anna Marie Kukec

Mobile Payments Chicken-Egg Problem Goes to Committee, By Peter Suciu , E-Commerce Times

RELATADOS POR SUS EX EMPLEADOS, Cinco detalles que Apple no quiere que conozcas

Sprint Needs An Exit Strategy, by: Dana Blankenhorn

Google Grafts Gmail Onto Web Searches, By Rachelle Dragani, TechNewsWorld

10 Dinge, die Apple Ihnen nie erzählen wird

Starbucks invests $25M mobile in payment venture; looks to cut transaction costs

Square technology lets Starbucks customers use smartphone app to pay for Starbucks coffee , By Matt Hamblen

10 Things Apple Won't Tell You - Why customers may want to think different about the consumer-tech giant. By QUENTIN FOTTRELL

Analysts Mixed On Data Plans' Tablet Impact, By Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 8/6/2012

Thumbs up, thumbs down: Brevard's winners, losers. Judging Brevard's winners and losers in the news

Google Still Hasn't Cleaned Out Its Private WiFi Data Closet, By Rachelle Dragani, TechNewsWorld

Comcast to charge more for heavy data users. New Xfinity plan could mean higher costs for some. By Getahn Ward The Tennessean

Your shows, your way By Ray Routhier

Apple's offer raises stakes for Brevard's Authentec . Tech behemoth bids $356 million, but is it the final offer?

Google fiber service launches in Kansas City. Michael Hickins Editor. The Morning Download: Wall Street Journal

Google Fiber Service Launches in Kansas City With Eye Toward Cable TV, By: Todd R. Weiss

Facebook’s stock tumbles to new low. Investors balk as company reports big loss in quarter. By Tim Devaney. The Washington Times,0,6191430,full.column

Why is Verizon in bed with Time Warner and Comcast?

A marketing partnership allowing Time Warner and Comcast to sell their services in some Verizon Wireless stores weakens telecom competition.

By David Lazarus

Netflix Takes More Punishment, By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times

http://0724 jeff kagan on power lunch_RAW.mp3

Interview with Krista Klaus, host of Kansas City Power Lunch on The KMBZ Business Channel, 1660 AM on July 24, 2012

Sprint Nextel Performance

Did Samsung Bilk Apple Out of $2.5 Billion?, By Peter Suciu

AT&T Posts Revenue and Income Gains on Mobile Growth , By Grant Gross, IDG News

Samsung Ships 10 Million of Galaxy S III, By Adam Dickter

Viacom to restore DirecTV channels, Robert Kirchgassner

Viacom, DirecTV Mend Fences - but at What Cost?, By Peter Suciu

Viacom and DirecTV in deal to restore programming , @CNNMoneyTech

Nick fans rejoice, DirecTV, Viacom settle score , by David P. Willis

Glimmer of Hope in Nokia's Dismal Q2 Report, By Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times

After dismal earnings, eyes are on Nokia World in September . Hopes are for a Windows Phone 8 Lumia launch at Nokia's trade show, By Matt Hamblen

Talking on a smartphone? How old school , By  Tim Feran The Columbus Dispatch

AT&T unveils voluntary Mobile Share wireless data plans, Matt Hamblen (Computerworld (US))

AT&T may gain edge on Verizon with new price plan , By Jonathan Berr 6 hours ago

AT&T Makes Shared Data Optional For New, Existing Subscribers , By Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 7/18/2012

AT&T Unveils Shared Data as Option, Not Mandate , B

Amazon Kindle smartphone rumour mill kicks into overdrive by Stephanie Mlot

Verizon May Be On Course for DoJ Showdown, By Peter Suciu

AMC Taunts Dish With 'Breaking Bad' Freebie, By Erika Morphy

Cable offers security, Comcast Xfinity debuts home protection service, Written by Jeff Ayres

Court Lets Startup Rebroadcast Live TV to Web-Connected Devices, By Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times

DirecTV, Viacom Cross Swords, Customers Get Hurt, By Erika Morphy


Report: Amazon Testing Smartphone ,


Wireless carriers continue fight against wireline competitors by Dan Meyer,2817,2406992,00.asp


More Amazon Smartphone Rumors Emerge, By Stephanie Mlot

Amazon smartphone rumors: Will it threaten Apple’s iPhone?

Blackberry meets its shareholders, by Sally Herships Marketplace for Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amazon smartphone rumors: Will it threaten Apple’s iPhone?

No resolution in sight as Time Warner drops WMTW in fee dispute

The blackout, a growing trend, forces viewers to find ABC shows elsewhere By Ray Routhier

Why LightSquared lenders want Falcone to go away, and why that might never happen , Max Frumes, Contributor

BlackBerry’s board will come under the spotlight, Michael Lewis, Business Reporter, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Amazon's Smartphone Ambitions Taking Shape, By Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times

Telecom conflict; Angry AT&T customers might empathize as local union takes on corporate behemoth

Android Botnet May Be Spewing Spam, By Peter Suciu, LinuxInsider

Verizon Plays 'Unconstitutional' Card in Net Neutrality Fight, By Erika Morphy , E-Commerce Times

Text messages lead to plea in Neal rape case

Firefox OS Slinks Onto Smartphone Stage By Peter Suciu LinuxInsider Part of the ECT News Network

4.5 percent rate increase kicks in for Comcast customers Tom Sharpe | The New Mexican

Gains Predicted For Windows Phone 8 OS

It's lonely at nation's only BlackBerry retail store, Surpassed by rivals, RIM local outlet struggles to make a go of it, By Dale Buss, Special to The Detroit News

Rising cable, online-video prices spark federal probe... MarketWatch

Speedy Response 4 G LTE technology comes to Miss Written by Jeff Ayres Clarion Ledger

Need for speed - When it comes to picking which Internet service is best, Phil Villarreal Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

BlackBerry maker RIM posts huge loss and cuts 5,000 jobs, By Roger Yu, USA TODAY

Ailing BlackBerry maker to cut jobs, delay platform , AFP

SEC Lowers the Boom on Falcone, By Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times

Google IO: Nexus Tablet, Jelly Bean, By Andrew Berg

Apple Punches, Samsung Rolls, By Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times

BlackBerry-maker RIM: BB10 or bust? Michael Lewis Business Reporter Toronto Star

Google gives an insider’s view , by Tim Feran The Columbus Dispatch

RIM May Give Up BlackBerry Phone Biz to Stay Alive, By Peter Suciu , E-Commerce Times


Social Laboratory: Juniper's OpenLab host to collaboration on software that directs traffic on networks

Comcast Raising Rates By Michael Hartranft

What’s beneath the surface of Microsoft’s tablet? Analysts see new strategy, angry partners, By Tim Devaney The Washington Times

With tablet, Microsoft takes page from Apple, By Rob Lever (AFP)

Microsoft’s Surface Only Half the Battle

Spectrum Shortage Crises Divides Industry On Possible Solutions

Why your cable TV bill will never get cheaper - By Quentin Fottrell - Smart Money - Wall Street Journal


Analysts: More Prepaid iPhone Deals To Come

'Spectrum crunch' may slow mobile revolution in US - Bloomberg News

Nokia Plans Significant Downsizing, By Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 6/14/2012

'Spectrum crunch' may slow US mobile revolution AFP

Drastic Job Cuts May Not Bode Ill for Nokia, By Peter Suciu

Who loves Nokia today? Sweden’s Scalado, by Martha DeGrasse

Study by comScore and Facebook Shows ROI on Ads, By Adam Dickter

Will cable TV ever get cheaper?

Will Cable TV Ever Get Cheaper? By Quentin Fottrell

Verizon Updates Plans To Share Data Among Family , Enid Burns for

Verizon Lets Many Devices Scarf the Same Data Pie By Peter Suciu

Verizon Wireless revamps pricing plans, By Jeff Gelles

Verizon First To Launch Data-Share Plans

By Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 6/12/2012

Is Paid Facebook Advertising Yielding Returns? Study, By Tony Ibrahim

Verizon's sharing plans: Confusing but inevitable By Matt Hamblen

FaceTime May Devour Data Plans, SmartMoney Blogs, Comments By Quentin Fottrell

Facebook’s Rollercoaster, GE’s Engines Prepare for Sugar High

Text messages hold no secrets , By Kyle Martin

Stocks REBOUND, Apple WWDC Excitement, Nokia Struggles By Debbie Baratz

Microsoft Reportedly Shuts Windows on HTC for Tablets By Adam Dickter

Report: Virgin Mobile to Sell Prepaid iPhone July 1

AT&T, Verizon Contract Talks With CWA/IBEW Workers Remain at Impasse

Windstream to cut up to 400 management positions

Facebook Asks Users 'Yay or Nay?' on New Privacy Policies By Rachelle Dragani E-Commerce Times

Carriers Mull Strategies To Control Wireless Data Growth By Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 6/4/2012

Smartphones get new duty — as wallets By Kristi E. Swartz The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cricket Creates Big Buzz With Prepaid iPhone Offer, By John P. Mello Jr. MacNewsWorld

C Spire files lawsuit AT&T, Qualcomm, Motorola targets Written by Jeff Ayres

Gigabyte Launches Featherweight Category-Challenging Notebook
By Peter Suciu, TechNewsWorld

Cricket to Launch Prepaid iPhone on June 22

Verizon fastest carrier in Columbus By Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

Phone Goes Prepaid Through Cricket By Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 5/31/2012

Blackberry maker RIM could leverage cybersecurity | Marketplace Radio

Sprint Sets End Date For 2G NEXTEL Network

Cable firms expand access to Wi-Fi

By RICHARD MULLINS | The Tampa Tribune

Google completes takeover of Motorola Mobility

(AFP)–5 hours ago

The Hidden Costs of Public Wi-Fi

By Quentin Fottrell, Smart Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal

From Comcast, TV as data center. Boston first up to get advanced set-top boxes

By Hiawatha Bray

Coalition's 'CableWifi' To Pop Up at 50,000 Hotspots

By Adam Dickter

Falcone’s folly

By Cecilia Kang, Published: May 19

Will Apple or Google buy Sprint?

Captain Tossed from Troubled Yahoo! Ship

CEO Scott Thompsons steps down amid controversy, leaving Yahoo! in need of its sixth CEO in five years.

By Agence France-Presse,0,6361605.story

Yahoo CEO out, board settles with investor

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson   

Reuters / May 5, 2012

Embattled Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson Steps Down

(AFP) Posted Sunday, May 13, 2012–2:03 PM

Scott Thompson out as Yahoo CEO

By Nancy Weil | IDG News Service

Yahoo CEO quits over degree scandal

Update: Thompson reportedly out as Yahoo CEO | Questions about his resume led to the ouster, according to All Things D


Rumored Merger Could Give T-Mobile a Shot in the Arm

By Erika Morphy  E-Commerce Times

RIM names new COO, CMO, New marketing officer left Lightsquared LTE venture

By Matt Hamblen

Nokia Files Suits Against 3 Companies To Protect Patents

Enid Burns for

New Wireless Carrier? Apple Could Face Grueling Uphill Climb

By John P. Mello Jr. MacNewsWorld

BlackBerry 10 Could Be RIM's Savior

By Peter Suciu  TechNewsWorld

Start Up Hopes to Put Drug Test at Companies' Fingertips
Even with that challenge, tech analyst Jeff Kagan thinks the market timing is good. "If it works, it could be a good thing for companies to uncover a ...

Microsoft buying into e-book venture
Washington Times
“ gets all the attention,” said Jeff Kagan, a wireless and telecommunications industry analyst based in Atlanta. “The market thinks that Amazon is ...

VZW, Comcast Start Cross- Selling in Colorado
Wireless Week
Analyst Jeff Kagan questioned the wisdom of risking brand confusion to reach a greater customer base, since Verizon Wireless would be offering cable ...

Barnes & Noble shares soar on Microsoft deal
“This is great news for both Barnes & Noble Nook and for Microsoft,” said independent technology analyst Jeff Kagan. “It not only gives Barnes & Noble ...

Microsoft teams up with Barnes & Noble on ebooks
"This is big news for both Microsoft and Barnes & Noble," said independent analyst Jeff Kagan. "It not only gives the Nook a shot in the arm, ...

Microsoft buying into e-book venture | Pays for stake in Barnes & Noble’s digital business

By Tim Devaney  The Washington Times

Start Up Hopes to Put Drug Test at Companies' Fingertips

By: Jennifer Leigh Parker, Writer,

Microsoft Teams up with Barnes & Noble on eBooks

New venture aims to capture a bigger share of the ebook market from Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad.

By Rob Lever, Agence France-Presse

VZW, Comcast Start Cross- Selling in Colorado

By Maisie Ramsay Monday, April 30, 2012

Decrease Increase Elder care enters the digital age

By Kristi E. Swartz The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sprint has some bumps in their network construction

By Anna Marie Kukec

As Dishes Stack Up, Cities Start Trying to Put Them Away

Satellite Dishes Belong to Owners for Life, Get Left Hanging; A Planter or Sled?

By JENNIFER LEVITZ, Wall Street Journal

Sprint's Q1 Losses Come With Some Glimmers of Hope

By Peter Suciu

Sprint Sells 1.5 Million iPhones in Q1

AT&T Reports 1.8% Earnings Rise; Data Revenue Up 19.9%

By Adam Dickter

AT&T Revenue, Net Income up on Smartphone Sales

By Grant Gross, IDG News

Comcast to increase monthly fees for Xfinity cable services

By James Haggerty

N.J. AT&T lab receives patent for self-destructing 'Mission: Impossible' e-mails

By Stacy Jones/The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger

AT&T Mobility, wireless companies find growth opportunities in health care

By Kristi E. Swartz

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Verizon Aims to Horse-Trade With FCC in Spectrum Sell-Off

By Rachelle Dragani

Verizon posts a great quarter

By Jonathan Berr

FCC Nicks Google for Failure to Cooperate

By Erika Morphy

Feds: Apple fixed e-book prices. Antitrust suit also says 5 publishers colluded

By Tim Devaney

C Spire's open concept links buyers, products

By Jeff Ayres

Verizon first in Tucson cellphone network test

Bamboozled: Seeing red over blue-movie fees

Verizon Proposes Video Service, Puts Netflix and Hulu in Jeopardy

AT&T Let Scammers Overrun Calling Service, Feds Charge

Nokia May Turn Tattoos Into More Than Body Art

LightSquared Hires Legal Eagle to Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Has Intel Been Bitten by the Pay-TV Bug?

C Spire perks up with 4G, Speedier wireless service rolling out in September

DoJ May Foil Apple, Publishers' E-Book Pricing Plot

High-Ranking Senator Wants FTC To Probe Apps That 'Leak Data'

Mobile users' privacy bill of rights proposed

FCC Considering Whether to Set Rules for Wireless Network Shutdowns

Sen. Wants FTC to Take a Hard Look at Mobile Apps' Snooping Practices

Opinion: AT&T Throttling Exemplifies Carrier Problems,0,7009963.story

AT&T standardizes data throttling practices,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=1361b6cc7752f590

The above Reuters story on AT&T ran in thousands of newspapers, television, radio and the web news sites

AT&T standardizes data throttling practices

LightSquared Puts Out CEO's Torch

Bell Labs' lightRadio cube has big first year, wows crowds at Mobile World Congress

It Will Take More Than Marketing to Put BlackBerry Back Together Again

T-Mobile Leaps to LTE

Grassley: FCC reversing LightSquared approval not enough

Cellphones give hotel guests the upper hand

Kansas City May Become Epicenter of Google's Big TV Disruption

T-Mobile to FCC: Stop Verizon from buying more spectrum

Reuters | Cellphones give hotel guests the upper hand

T-Mobile Investing $4 Billion into LTE Network

LightSquared's Options Few in Wake of FCC Block

Sprint Continues Flailing While AT&T, Verizon Grow

Medford joins FiOS network

The Curious Case of LightSquared vs. GPS

Analysts like green light for ‘data highway’ upgrade

Sprint Continues Flailing While AT&T, Verizon Grow

Redbox, Verizon Announce Streaming Joint Venture: Could Spell Trouble for Netflix

As IPO Nears, Facebook Paywall Seen as Unlikely

Biggest Gripes About the Apple Store. Email Print  Article

AT&T CEO: Spectrum, FCC Challenges for Telecommunications Company in the Future

Bribes and LTE: the Bizarre Case of LightSquared, Obama, and the USAF

Verizon Wireless Could Raise Government Eyebrows Over Bandwidth Deal with SpectrumCo

Analysts comment on RIM shake up

LightSquared Cries Foul over GPS Testing

Samsung Says It Is 'Not Interested' in RIM

Comcast raising cable rates twice in 10-month period

Unlimited Text Applications Could Change Business Model for Wireless Carriers

More than 30 suburban companies anchored CES

Bright House beefs up Wi-Fi. Current customers can tap into hot spots for free

Time to Hang Up on Your Landline?

Dropping TV prices good for buyers, tough on small retailers

Microsoft's decision to exit electronics shows leaves cloud

Does gadget show need giants?

Lenovo Unwraps Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' Smart TV

CES no longer ‘center of the universe,’ but brands still line up to show gadgets

CES 2012: A ‘circus ... for entertainment rather than knowledge’

A Few Big Data Users Slow Us All Down

Dropping TV prices good for buyers, tough on small retailers

As Microsoft makes CES 2012 its last, the technorati wonder whether the show is on the wane

Fees often added to customers’ payments Verizon plan was far from unique

AT&T, Verizon Continue Rivalry in New Year

Flights, food, PCs could cost more in 2012Connect With Us

Spectrum Shockwaves (Multichannel News Via Acquire Media NewsEdge)

Verizon recalls plan for bill fee

Experts: New Verizon fee has familiar ring

Holland-area movie watchers face array of choices with box-style vending machines

Programs Available for Recycling, Reusing Phones

10 resume ‘buzzwords’ job seekers should avoid

Smartphones at center of a fierce commercial battle

Verizon 4G Service Finally Restored

Verizon users across nation report data outage

LightSquared to GPS: That's Your Problem

AT&T Ends $39 Billion Bid to Acquire T-Mobile USA

AT&T pulls plug on T-Mobile plan | $39B merger faced FCC roadblock, antitrust suit

AT&T kills $39 billion T-Mobile deal

AT&T kills $39 billion bid for T-Mobile

AT&T to cut hundreds of landline-related jobs

AT&T still may come out ahead

Cox goes into the home-security biz in Tucson

BlackBerry delay darkens RIM's future | Reuters

BlackBerry delay darkens Research in Motion's (Nasdaq: RIMM) future

Rumors Swirl Around Verizon Acquisition of Netflix

Verizon's 4G Service Back Up, but Users Still Miffed

Wireless Carriers Face Spectrum Crunch Amid Smartphone Craze

SpectrumCo venture is selling spectrum to Verizon

Charter Communications Expresses Interest in Verizon Wireless Alliance: Bloomberg

Sprints Offers $1.6 Billion Help to Clearwire

AT&T's merger plans hits a huge roadblock

AT&T, T-Mobile eyeing 2012 vote? | Associated Press

Verizon Wireless Makes $3.6 Billion Deal With U.S. Cable Giants

Verizon Spends $3.6 Billion To Buy Cable's Spectrum

Cable group to sell spectrum to Verizon for $3.6 billion

Competitors Verizon, Bright House join in $3.6 billion deal

UPDATE 5-Sprint offers Clearwire $1.6 bln "lifeline"

Sprint comes to aid of struggling Clearwire

AT&T fires back at FCC staff report on T-Mobile deal

AT&T may sell off T-Mobile assets to gain approval for $39B merger

Analysts are dubious that latest tactic can help AT&T overcome DOJ, FCC objections to T-Mobile deal

AT&T May Sell Assets to Leap Wireless to Save Deal with T-Mobile

New RIM security software a sign BlackBerry is over?

AT&T's T-Mobile Deal: Could the Election Tip the Scales Again?

AT&T ‘will try again’ but that won’t solve the crisis in the industry!/MWRadio/status/49867672057430016 

MarketWatch Radio, Wall Street Journal

Industry analyst Jeff Kagan says AT&T and T-Mobile's merger plans make sense for the companies, but it'll be a...

Cable TV rates to riseArticle

AT&T and T-Mobile merger: Not dead yet

AT&T and T-Mobile pull FCC merger application, shift focus to Justice Dept. case

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